Recap: Jr. NBA Global Championship

The 2019 Jr. NBA Global Championship concluded this past weekend in Orlando, FL. Brampton Warriors U14 Girls and Nike Bounce U14 Boys represented Canada proudly after qualifying for the tournament in June.

Nike Bounce (Canada Boys) made it to the International bracket final and finished in fourth place overall. The Brampton Warriors (Canada Girls) made it all the way to the Global Final and finished in second place.

Above: Five Canadians finished in the top 20 of each division, including #23 Caidence Amartey, #5 Anaya Johnson, and #24 Cyanne John in the Girls Division, plus #10 Remil Tissington and #42 Jovan Milicevic in the Boys Division.

#23 Caidence Amartey also took home the Teamwork Award, presented to a player who exhibited strong communication and cooperation skills.  Amartey was recognized for demonstrating understanding of how to listen, lead and work well with others during the tournament.

Both teams also had the opportunity to meet and speak with basketball stars such as Dwyane Wade and Breanna Stewart.

All participating Jr. NBA teams had a break from competing on Thursday to participate in a community service initiative through the NBA Cares program.

Canada Girls (Brampton Warriors)

Above – Back row: HC Keith Johnson, #32 Leia Brown, #42 Jada Bediako, #44 Milana Nenadic, #24 Cyanne John, #12 Jordane Prendergast, AC Emmanuel Amartey. Front row: #5 Anaya Johnson, #33 Sumer Lee, #15 Tene Smith, #14 Janae Brissett, #23 Caidence Amartey.

The Brampton Warriors had an excellent tournament, making it all the way to the Girls Final. They cruised through the round robin, going 3-0 against Mexico, Asia Pacific and China. In the playoffs, they then beat India, Europe & Middle East, and Latin America in the International bracket final on their way to the Girls Final.

They fell just short against a powerhouse Central USA team in the Final, but did Ontario and Canada proud throughout the week and should be very proud of making in all the way to the Final. Full tournament scores summarized below.

Date OpponentScore
Round Robin Play
August 6Mexico GirlsW - Canada 64 - 41 Mexico
August 6Asia Pacific GirlsW - Canada 60 - 31 Asia Pacific
August 7 China GirlsW - Canada 61 - 36 China
August 9India GirlsW - Canada 65 - 26 India
August 10Europe & Middle East GirlsW - Canada 71 - 44 Europe & Middle East
August 10Latin America GirlsW - Canada 70 - 54 Latin America
August 11Central USA GirlsL - Central 72 - 35 Canada

Three Brampton Warriors players finished in the top 20 for tournament statistics:

  • 14. Anaya Johnson (5.3 PPG, 5.0 APG, 71.4 FT%, 40.0 3P%)
  • 15. Caidence Amartey (8.3 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 35.7 MPG, 66.7 FT%)
  • 17. Cyanne John (7.3 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 71.4 FT%)

Canada Boys (Nike Bounce)

Above – Back row: HC Nathan Teague,#24 Thomas Campbell, #32 Uros Milicevic, #42 Jovan Milicevic, #22 Jalik Dunkley, #23 Jahnai Dunkley, AC Raysean Joseph. Front row: #12 David Intriago, #33 Zayne Vernon, #11 Tinaye Ngorima, #1 Ashton McQuaig, #10 Remil Tissington.

Nike Bounce coasted through the group stage, going 3-0 against Mexico, Asia Pacific and China. They then swept India in the quarterfinals and Europe & Middle East in the semis. They lost the International bracket final against the reigning champion Africa Boys but again represented Ontario and Canada extremely well. Full results summarized below.

Round Robin Play
August 6Mexico BoysW - Canada 70 - 44 Mexico
August 6Asia Pacific BoysW - Canada 64 - 61 Asia Pacific
August 7China BoysW - Canada 73 - 65 China
August 9India BoysW - Canada 64 - 56 India
August 10Europe & Middle East BoysW - Canada 65 - 59 Europe & Middle East
August 10 Africa BoysL - Africa 80 - 46 Canada
August 11Southeast USA BoysL - Southeast 86 - 55 Canada

Two Nike Bounce players finished in the top 20 for tournament statistics:

  • 8. Remil Tissington (17.7 PPG, 6.0 RPG, 36.7 MPG, 75.0 FG%)
  • 14. Jovan Milicevic (17.0 PPG, 39.3 MPG, 93.3 FT%)

Congratulations to both teams on their accomplishments in the tournament and for proudly representing Canada on the international stage.

From NBA Canada: Canada Girls Shine at Jr. NBA Championship (article)

All media featured in this article was sourced from @NBACanada on Twitter.