Ontario Basketball

c/o Abilities Centre
1 Jim Flaherty Street, Suite 2A
Whitby, ON  L1N 0J2

Phone: 416-477-8075
Fax: 416-477-8120

Professional Staff

The day to day operations of Ontario Basketball are managed by our professional staff.

Dave Stockton
Executive Director
416-477-8075 ext. 202

Clubs & Competitions:

Mike Barbin
Senior Director, Basketball Operations
416-477-8075 ext. 210

Club Development & Membership Services:

Tristan Cave
Manager, Club Development
416-477-8075 ext. 213

Michael Cross
Coordinator, Membership Services
416-477-8075 ext. 219

League Development:

Rohan Prasaud
Senior Manager, Ontario Basketball League
416-477-8075 ext. 211

Competitions & Events:

Kaelan Shipley
Manager, Competitions & Events
416-477-8075 ext. 201

Basketball Development & High Performance:

High Performance:

Carmelo Mallia
Director, High Performance
416-477-8075 ext. 207

Jason Dawkins
Manager, High Performance

Melissa Kobe
Senior Coordinator, High Performance


Michael Selliah
Manager, Coach Education & Youth Development
416-477-8075 ext. 216

Business Operations:

Kevin McDonald
Senior Director, Business Operations
(416) 477-8075 ext. 209

Liliya Serpukhova
Director, Finance
(416) 477-8075 ext. 204

Emily Acton
Senior Manager, Business Operations
416-477-8075 ext. 212

Anthony Bennett
Manager, Marketing & Communications
416-477-8075 ext. 205

Matt Singleton
Manager, Business Development & Partnerships
416-477-8075 ext. 217

Board of Directors

Ryan Xavier

Michael Joseph

Courtney Charles

Michelle Farrell

Claude Nembhard
Vice President

Siobhan Wright

Sabrina Brathwaite


Fair Play and Resolution

David Hurley

Club Review

Gord Everett

Ranking and Seeding

Boys’ Chair

Elsa Donovan
Girls’ Chair