Our Purpose

The purpose of the Ontario Basketball League (OBL) is to create an inclusive, age- and ability-appropriate, province-wide league structure that promotes meaningful competition, develops sportsmanship, and focuses on athletic excellence for athletes of both genders in all age categories (U10 to U19).

We promote safe and stage-appropriate athlete development according to Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles.

League Summary

The league will be open to both genders at all ages (U10 to U19) and all levels of play (i.e., A, AA, AAA, and AAA+/[OBLX]). The league model will make every effort to be inclusive of member clubs with geographic barriers and host games in numerous regions across the province.

League Schedule

OBL Teams will play a total of 12 games over the course of five weekends, with two to four games per weekend. The games will be scheduled at times much like the Ontario Cup on Saturdays and Sundays. Matches will tip-off at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm, and 7:30 pm. These times will vary slightly based on facility permits.

The following are the confirmed weekend dates for each age category for the 2022-23 OBL season, non-bolded are the scheduled 2 game weekends (on either Saturday or Sunday) and bolded are the scheduled 4 game weekends (on both Saturday and Sunday) for OBL divisions.

Age CategoryWeekend #1Weekend #2Weekend #3Weekend #4Weekend #5
U10 GirlsNov 5-6Dec 3-4Jan 14-15Feb 11-12Mar 4-5
U11 GirlsNov 5-6Dec 3-4Jan 14-15Feb 11-12Mar 4-5
U12 GirlsNov 5-6Dec 3-4Jan 14-15Feb 11-12Mar 4-5
U13 GirlsNov 19-20Dec 10-11Jan 28-29Feb 18-19Mar 25-26
U14 GirlsNov 19-20Dec 10-11Jan 28-29Feb 25-26Apr 8-9
U15 GirlsDec 10-11Jan 14-15Feb 11-12Mar 25-26Apr 15-16
U16 GirlsDec 10-11Jan 14-15Feb 11-12Mar 25-26Apr 15-16
U17 GirlsDec 17-18Jan 14-15Feb 18-19Apr 1-2Apr 22-23
U19 WomenDec 17-18Jan 14-15Feb 18-19Apr 1-2Apr 22-23
U10 BoysNov 5-6Dec 3-4Jan 21-22Feb 11-12Mar 4-5
U11 BoysNov 12-13Dec 3-4Jan 21-22Feb 18-19Mar 4-5
U12 BoysNov 12-13Dec 3-4Jan 21-22Feb 11-12Mar 4-5
U13 BoysNov 26-27Dec 17-18Feb 4-5Feb 25-26Mar 25-26
U14 BoysNov 26-27Dec 17-18Feb 4-5Feb 25-26Apr 8-9
U15 BoysMar 18-19Apr 1-2Apr 15-16Apr 29-30May 6-7
U16 BoysMar 18-19Apr 1-2Apr 15-16Apr 29-30May 6-7
U17 BoysApr 15-16Apr 22-23May 6-7May 13-14
U19 MenApr 15-16Apr 22-23May 6-7May 13-14

Note: Please stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 restrictions and updated guidelines ahead of the 2022-23 OBL season.


Ontario Basketball has secured various venues across the province to host OBL games throughout the season, teams are expected to travel.

If you are interested in hosting OBL games, please contact Rohan Prasaud to discuss becoming an official OBL host.

Division Breakdown

When teams register through the online portal they can declare their level of play (A, AA, AAA, AAA+). Including taking into account the teams’ Provincial Championship/Ontario Cup ranking from the previous season, pools of 7 are aligned and schedules are created for the first three weekends (6 games).

Please note: Schedules are released approximately 2 weeks prior to the competition weekend. Due to the volume of teams this year we cannot guarantee that accommodations can be made ahead of time.

After the 6 games, the re-rank takes place where teams move up and down based on the results of the OBL season and pools are re-aligned and schedules are created for the final two weekends (6 games). The standings reset and the team with the best record post re-rank are crowned Pool Champions.


The registration fee for OBL is $2500 (12 games).

Registration Deadlines

The following below is a summary of the registration deadlines.

Need to register for OBL?  Click HERE.

OBL Registration Open

U15 to U19 Female

November 7, 2022

U10 to U12 Female & Male

October 10, 2022

U15 to U16 Male

February 27, 2023

U13 to U14 Female & Male

October 24, 2022

U17-U19 Male

March 20, 2023

Please Note

Participation in the Ontario Basketball League is now mandatory for all teams hoping to participate in Provincial Championships but not mandatory to participate in the Ontario Cup.

Pools of 7 are preferred, however based on registration numbers pools of 6 may occur.