Ontario Basketball is pleased to continue its partnership with insurance provider, HUB International (HUB).

HUB is Canada’s largest privately held international insurance broker and the broker of choice for some of Canada’s largest sports organizations and a myriad of smaller clubs and leagues.

Insurance Certificates

Upon completion and approval of the club affiliation/registration process, the member club’s insurance will be effective and Ontario Basketball will issue a certificate of insurance (effective September 1 to August 31 each year). This certificate is a requirement for most school board user permit applications.

To request an insurance certificate, please submit an Insurance Certificate Request via Smartsheet.

More Information

For more information about Ontario Basketball’s insurance program, including general liability insurance coverage, claim procedures, travel insurance and more, visit HUB International.

Additional Resources

Sexual harassment is an issue that leaders in all organizations today must address to ensure the safety of their people and their organization. The need for proper policies, training programs and responsive insurance has never been greater.

Ontario Basketball clubs are invited to learn what they can do to protect their organization from sexual harassment by checking out HUB’s online resources, including a discussion with an array of experts in the webinar, Not in Our Workplace: How to Protect Your Employees — and Company from Sexual Harassment.

Check out HUB’s sexual harassment prevention resources.

Who is HUB International HKMB?

HUB International HKMB is the insurance broker responsible for arranging the insurance program for the OBA and its members. For more information about HUB International HKMB, you can visit their website at

What type of insurance is provided by the Ontario Basketball to its members?

Liability Insurance Accident Insurance and Directors & Officers

This insurance is arranged by the OBA for its registered members and the cost is included in the registration fee paid by each member.

What is the purpose of the General Liability and Accident Insurance Coverage?

The primary purpose of the General Liability policy is to protect against lawsuits from individuals alleging that the sports organization and/or its members have negligently caused “bodily injury” to a player or spectator. The policy also covers other types of lawsuits such as “property damage”, “personal injury” (libel & slander) and Non Owned Automobile liability. The policy does not cover expenses related to criminal charges brought against a member of the association regardless of the nature of the charge(s).

The Accident Policy is designed to reimburse a member in good standing who suffers a covered injury/ death while participating in an OBA Sanctioned Activity. The Accident Policy is designed to provide coverage to those members who do not have access to another health insurance plan or to supplement existing health insurances.

Directors & Officers is provided to cover the organization & membership from “wrongful acts” in the execution of the administration and oversight of the various clubs.

Who is considered an ‘insured’ under the General Liability policy?

Coverage is provided for the Association itself and Members registered in good standing with the OBA, but only while participating in activities sanctioned by the OBA. Members are required to sign a Participant Waiver as part of the registration process for coverage to be afforded.

Also considered ‘Insured’s’ under the liability program are coaches, managers, officials, administrators and volunteer workers, but only for acts within the scope of duties performed on behalf of the OBA.

What activities are covered?

Coverage is provided for all OBA sanctioned basketball activities. Please see page three (3) for a list of sanctioned basketball activities. ALL sanctioning decisions are made by Ontario Basketball. The insurance policy will cover sanctioned activities.

Are Club/League fundraisers covered under the General Liability Policy?

Yes. Only those activities as sanctioned and approved by the OBA.

Our club has been asked to provide Proof of Insurance or a Certificate of Insurance. What is the process for obtaining this document?

Step One:
Complete a Certificate of Insurance Request Form. From the OBA Insurance Page

Step Two:
Upon completion please forward to for approval and issuance.

Step Three:
Ontario Basketball Association will e-mail the Certificate of Insurance back to the Club Contact Person listed on the form. If possible, please provide the contact name and email for the facility or school board that will be on the certificate. A copy of the insurance certificate can be sent directly to the contact as well as the club.

Step Four:
Please ensure that the Certificate Program CertExchange has been white listed so that you will receive this Certificate.


What is defined as sanctioned?

Sanctioning definition/guidelines are as follows:

    • OBA affiliated teams competing against OCAA and OUA teams
    • OBA affiliated teams competing against high school teams
    •  OBA affiliated teams competing against non-affiliated basketball teams (i.e. AAU, JUEL).
    •  OBA affiliated teams competing against teams from other provinces (ex. Quebec) / Countries (ex. US) or travelling to compete in other provinces/countries
    • House leagues where teams and players are registered through OBA
    • House league groups looking to compete in weekend tournaments / events against other local house league teams
    • OBA member clubs participating in community events – OBA teams vs. Police/Fire
    • Insurance for fundraising events (Sales outside of stores, bottle drives, etc.)
    • Insurance for teams taking part in coaching events (i.e. demonstration groups)

Sanctioned Game: A game between two registered Ontario Basketball teams that is officiated by two
OABO referees assigned by the local officials board.

Sanctioned Tournament: An event approved by Ontario Basketball that consists of four or more registered Ontario Basketball teams participating in a competitive structure that results in a team playing three or more games on the dates submitted by the host club.

Exhibition Game/Controlled Scrimmage: A game or scrimmage between two registered Ontario
Basketball teams but is not officiated by OABO

Is a parent covered if they are driving his or her own children to an event?

No. The program does not provide coverage for parents driving their children to the game/practice because they are, in that circumstance, exercising their parental responsibility not a team duty.

However, coverage is in place for volunteers of the association while performing volunteer duties. Therefore, parents associated with a team or performing a specific duty assigned by the team (coach, assistant coach, or other authority) do have insurance coverage under this program.

Does the policy provide coverage for lawsuits alleging sexual abuse/molestation?

Yes. There is Limited Abuse/molestation coverage of $1,000,000.

Does the policy provide coverage against liquor liability claims?

Yes. There is coverage under the Liability program for defense of liquor related claims but only if:

• They arise in connection with a banquet or awards ceremony;
• The OASF has approved or sanctioned the event in advance – Not Sanctioned: Not Covered.

Note: Fundraising events involving the sale/distribution of alcohol are not covered under this Liability program. To obtain separate coverage, please contact

Are players insured when trying out for a team if they are not registered with that club?

Yes, players are covered when participating in OASF club approved tryouts, training camps and practices whether or not they are registered with that team as long as they have completed and submitted the Ontario Basketball membership form (that includes a waiver). They are not, however, covered if they play in a sanctioned game with a team with which they are not properly registered.

Accident (AD&D) Policy

Who is covered?

“Persons Insured” is any person, including Volunteers working on behalf of the Named Insured, who is participating in a sanctioned activity

When are they covered?

The above participants are covered during sanctioned activities of the OBA, such as
practice session, game or activity approved by and under the supervision of proper authority of the team, club, organization or the Named Insured and for which coverage has been declared and purchased.

What is not covered?

This Policy does not cover losses directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by:

  • The maximum amount payable under this policy as a result of any one accident shall be $1,000,000.00 in aggregate regardless of the number of Insured
  • No benefit will be payable for any loss resulting directly or indirectly, wholly or partially, from any of the following causes:-
    o sickness or disease either as a cause or effect;
    o suicide or any intentionally self-inflicted injury;
    o any act of war, or undeclared war, invasion or civil war.
  • Except as otherwise provided herein there is no benefit payable for purchase, repair or replacement of eyeglasses, contact lenses or prescriptions therefor.
  • This policy shall not pay any benefits that are available under any government health insurance plan, whether the Insured is enrolled in such a plan or not.
  • The Insurer will not pay any portion of an expense referred to in this policy which is payable under any insurance plan or law or under any plan or law that will pay the expense. With the exception of licensed ambulance services expenses, all other expenses claimed herein must be presented or deemed medically necessary by a qualified medical practitioner for the treatment or rehabilitation of the Insured.
  • In no case may an Insured be covered under more than one sports accident policy. Excess premiums paid shall be refunded upon request.
  • This policy does not apply to and no benefits will be payable to professional athletes earning the major portion of their income from sports activity.
  • Resulting from, or in connection with any of the following regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss or expense:
    o War, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), Invasion
    o Act of an enemy foreign to the nationality of the insured person or the country in, or over, which the act occurs,
    o Civil war, Riot, Rebellion, Insurrection, Revolution. Terrorist activity.
    o Overthrow of the legally constituted government,
    o Civil commotion assuming the proportions of, or amounting to, an uprising,
    o Military or usurped power,
    o Explosions of war weapons,
    o Utilisation of Nuclear, Chemical or Biological weapons of mass destruction howsoever these may be distributed or combined,
    o Murder or Assault subsequently proved beyond reasonable doubt to have been the act of
    o Agents of a state foreign to the nationality of the insured person whether war be declared with that state or not,

Is the coverage under this policy considered “excess”?

Yes. The Medical Expense coverage is “excess” or the “second payer” and requires other collectable insurance (group medical plan, group blanket plan, governmental plan or program, or coverage provided or required by any law or statute, including automobile “fault” and “no-fault” coverage and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) to respond first before the “excess” Accident policy will pay any benefits.

How does a participant submit a claim in the event that a participant is injured?

Refer to Refer to the Accident Claim Procedure document.

Basketball Camps/Training Camps - What is covered under the OBA Insurance Policy?

Criteria that a camp must meet in order to have coverage under the OBA insurance policy:

The Organization running the event must be a registered organization in good standing with
Ontario Basketball.

  • If not, the event would not be covered and anyone participating in the event would not have insurance coverage under the OBA policy.

All participants participating in the event must be registrants of the OBA.

  • If a player is not registered they would not have coverage.
  • The other participants (who are registered) would still have coverage.
  • The club would jeopardize their insurance coverage if something happened to the non-registered player.

Camps must be operated by the Governing Organization in good standing with the OBA. This includes that all profits made from camp would be retained by the Governing Organization, except for expenses paid for camp including but not limited to facility rentals and instructor honorariums. If a volunteer or coach of the club is running a camp that club must have sanctioned the event in order for the OBA Insurance Policy to trigger. It is strongly recommended that the coach before running an event like this get written confirmation from the club that they have approval to run a camp. The OBA Insurance Coverage does not extend to events operated outside of the OBA jurisdiction.

Only basketball related activities are covered for camps. Neither the Participant nor the Club would have coverage under the OBA insurance policy for non-basketball related activities. This includes but is not limited to overnight stays and other sporting activities while at a camp. The club would be responsible for purchasing an additional insurance policy for the non basketball related activities at the camp.

Instructors at camps would be covered while instructing/participating in basketball related activities at the camp. The only exception is a professional instructor. Professional Instructor is someone that derives the majority of his/her salary as a basketball instructor.

Directors & Officers Policy

What is the purpose of Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage?

The Directors & Officers (D&O) policy is designed to insure non-profit organization from law-suits from wrongful acts. A wrongful act is any actual or alleged error, omissions, breach of duty of an insured person in the discharge of their duties (individually or collectively) within the scope of the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA).

In today’s litigious society, nonprofit organizations commonly face lawsuits for an extended list of alleged wrongdoings: Discrimination (age, race, sex, employment, membership), Wrongful termination of employees, Inefficient administration or supervision, Misleading reports or other misrepresentations, Libel and slander, Failure to deliver services, Acts beyond the granted authority.

Who is considered an ‘insured’ under the Directors & Officers policy?

The D&O policy for the OBA identifies the following as insured persons:
Ontario Basketball Association including all CLUBS, players, coaches, executives, directors, officers, officials, employees, managers, trainers registered in good standing with the Named Insured.

What is the limit of insurance General Liability policy?

The limit of insurance is $5,000,000 per occurrence. This limit is “shared” amongst the organization.

The most the insurer will pay in any one year is $5,000,000 (aggregate)

The limit of insurance “includes” costs & expenses in defending the claim

What are the limitations?

Claims arising from:

Prior to Inception Date
Securities Liability
Professional Services
Falsity of Documentation

Third Party Body Injury/Property Damage
Criminal or Dishonest Behavior
Wages/Severance & Benefits Liability & Superannuation