Executive Report


Report prepared by Dave Stockton, Executive Director

The Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) experienced a very positive year from an operational standpoint with the full resumption of all basketball activities without any COVID related stoppages or disruptions to programming for the first time since the 2020-21 season. This was the first full season where the OBA was truly able to see the impact of the Toronto Raptors 2019 Championship run through the record registration numbers in Clubs & Competitions with over 1300 registered teams in 2022-23. The organization is hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic is now behind us, and the organization can continue building on the momentum gained during the 2022-23 season.


As indicated in the 2022-23 Audited Financial Statements, the 2023 fiscal year for the OBA was very successful on many operational fronts, especially the growth of OBA programs that led to revenues increasing to $6.026 million vs. $4.32 million in 2022. This revenue growth can be attributed to the full resumption of OBA programs and increased participation numbers without any COVID-19 related interruptions to programming.

Expenses for the 2023 fiscal year were $6.17 million compared to $4.50 million in the prior year, which aligns with the revenue increase and returning to normal levels of business operations. It is also worth noting that there were legal settlement costs plus related legal professional expenses that were not budgeted for that caused a significant six figure negative impact to the 2023 fiscal year. In addition, with BDO starting as the OBA’s new provider of financial audit services, there were several recommended corrections made during the 2023 audit process that also negatively impacted the 2023 financial results relative to what was budgeted.

With the resumption of full program delivery, the OBA also began to replenish its headcount of full-time staff to pre-COVID levels to support program growth and capacity to deliver our programs at the level that our membership expects and deserves. Salaries and wages increased to $1.061 million from $943 thousand in the prior year.

Overall, the year’s financial results indicated a loss of $147 thousand, an improvement from the $179-thousand loss in the prior year. From a business operations standpoint, the OBA operated in a financial surplus during the 2023 fiscal year, however, the unforeseen legal settlement costs plus associated legal fees, and BDO audit corrections all contributed negatively to the 2023 financial results and were not controllable by staff.

The OBA continues to maintain a healthy financial position with reserves of $1.0 million.

Human Resources

The 2022-23 fiscal year was the organization’s first full year of operations since 2020-21 without any COVID related interruption. As a result, the organization began reinvesting in staff to increase the full-time head count back to pre-COVID levels to support the growth of OBA programs. Staff turnover was minimal during 2022-23 with the departure of Emerson Molina – Coordinator, High Performance, and Yoram Kerbel – Coordinator, Digital Media. The OBA would like to recognize these individuals for their time and effort as hard-working OBA staff members and wish them all the best with their current and future endeavours.

Ontario Basketball was also saddened to learn of the sudden passing of its Sport Development Director, Greg Francis, in April 2023. Greg was a former Ontario provincial team player who also represented Canada at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Greg was only 6 months into his role at the OBA after leaving the coaching ranks with stops at the University of Waterloo, University of Alberta, and Ontario Tech. Greg will always be a Toronto basketball legend and he will be deeply missed by his family, friends, teammates, co-workers, and the entire Ontario Basketball community.


As the recognized Provincial Sport Organization for basketball in Ontario by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport (MTCS), the OBA continued to meet all expectations and criteria of the Sport Recognition Policy through 2022-23. OBA complied with and followed all government guidelines and legislation to ensure the health and safety of all Ontarians thru tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank You

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, we would like to thank the Ontario Basketball membership, stakeholders, and partners for their continued support of and commitment to amateur basketball across the province. I would also like to thank both past and present members of the OBA Board of Directors for their guidance and support.

We look forward to an uninterrupted season of basketball in 2023-24.

Finance Report

Finance Report

Report prepared by Liliya Serpukhova – Director, Finance

The fiscal year 2023 for the OBA proved to be highly successful and productive. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic in previous years, the operational stream saw outstanding progress in various programs. New staff members joined the OBA during this fiscal year, and despite unforeseen circumstances in one of the departments, the OBA team maintained a high level of productivity and efficiency. Notably, there were unexpected legal settlement costs at the senior staff level, resulting in increased professional expenses that were not initially budgeted for. Despite these challenges, with a full staff complement numbering less than 20 individuals, including interns and permanent staff, the OBA saw a significant percentage-based progress in its business operations.

Revenue for the fiscal year ending on August 31, 2023, amounted to $6.026 million, a notable increase from $4.32 million in the prior year, representing a growth of $1.70 million. This increase can be attributed to the resumption of core programs such as leagues, tournaments, and clinics.

Expenditures for the year totaled $6.17 million compared to $4.50 million in the prior year, aligning with the revenue increase. The year-over-year increase was primarily due to costs associated with returning the business to more normal levels of operation. Operational expenditures saw a significant rise, particularly in areas directly tied to the revenue source. Salaries and wages increased to $1.061 million from $943 thousand in the prior year, constituting an 11% actual expense increase. It’s worth noting that all salaries were adjusted to market value, resulting in a slight uptick in the payroll structure and associated costs.

Fiscal year 2023 witnessed a notable increase in expenditures related to two main areas of the business: administration and competitive development. This had an overall operational impact, especially in the areas of facility rentals, officials, professional fees, and credit card charges. Facility rental costs were impacted by inflation after deficiencies related to COVID-19, leading to additional expenditures. Moreover, increased professional and transactional fees were largely attributed to unforeseen circumstances that were not initially budgeted for.

Overall, the year’s financial results indicated a loss of $147 thousand, an improvement from the $179-thousand loss in the prior year. Throughout the year, total cash balances declined by $265 thousand. Reserves remained unchanged at $1 million, with no utilization during the year.
The Ontario Basketball Association remains committed to managing operations with fiscal prudence as a top priority, while continuously striving to deliver exceptional programming to its members. Lastly, we extend our sincere appreciation to our staff for their patience and dedication to the OBA during this challenging year.

View 2022-23 Audited Financial Statements

Clubs & Competitions Report

Clubs & Competitions

Report prepared by Mike Barbin – Senior Director, Basketball Operations

OBA Championships

The 2023 OBA Championship was a remarkable success. It had over 1300 teams participate in over 10 different regions across the province. The Championships continue to showcase the growth and strength of basketball in the province. This strength is a clear reflection of the dedication and passion of the basketball community and a testament to the unwavering commitment of athletes, coaches, and parents to the sport we all love.

The success of the Championships could not have happened without the support of all our partner hosts across the province. We want to thank the following hosts: Brampton Warriors, Canada Elite, EOBA, Gators Basketball Academy, Kingston Impact, KW Vipers, MUMBA, Oakville Vytis, Ottawa Tourism, Pelham Panthers, Tourism Kingston, Tournkey and Triple Balance.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our sponsors and partners for their continued support. Specifically, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Spalding, MyDoh (RBC), Nothers Award, OnSpot Apparel, and Tournkey. Their contributions enable us and our host partners to run exceptional events and provide valuable opportunities to our teams, athletes, and coaches.

Finally, we want to express our deepest gratitude to the coaches who put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to mentor and guide the athletes. At the same time, a special thank you also goes out to the parents who support their young athletes, both on and off the court. Your commitment to the growth of basketball in Ontario is appreciated.

As we reflect on the success of the 2023 OBA Championships, we are excited about the future of the sport in our province. We remain committed to providing opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to develop and excel in basketball. Our mission is to continue fostering a strong basketball community that promotes growth, sportsmanship, and inclusivity.

We are looking ahead to the next Championship season and the new milestones it will bring. Together, we will continue to make basketball in Ontario even stronger. Once again, thank you to all who participated in the 2023 Ontario Basketball Championships. Your dedication and passion for the sport are the driving forces behind its success.

Ontario Basketball League

The Ontario Basketball League (OBL) is the largest amateur basketball league in the province. In 2023, OBL welcomed an OBA record participation of over 1200 teams from across the province. This achievement highlights the growing interest and enthusiasm for basketball in Ontario.

We continued to strengthen our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that athletes of all ages and skill levels have the opportunity to participate in organized basketball competitions. Our league structure, with various divisions and age categories, guarantees that there is a place for everyone in the OBL.

A crucial aspect of the success of OBL is our partnership with the dedicated individuals and clubs who act as hosts, operating the games on the weekends. We extend our deepest gratitude to our partner hosts, who work tirelessly to ensure the weekends operate with excellence and with OBA quality standards. Their dedication and passion for the game make it possible for teams and athletes of all ages to come together and compete on the court.

Looking ahead, the OBL is committed to a future that is even bigger and better. For the 2024 season, we will pilot an U9 boys and girls OBL to provide even greater access to the OBL competition and to more athletes. We are committed to providing high-quality basketball experiences for all our participants. As part of OBA’s overall mission, we aim to innovate and improve our league operations, making OBL the go-to league in the province.

Thanks to the dedication of our teams, hosts, and supporters. OBL remains steadfast in its mission to provide meaningful competition and a welcoming environment for all. We will continue to elevate the sport of basketball in Ontario.


3×3 has emerged as a significant growth driver for OBA. Since being announced as an Olympic sport, 3×3 has rapidly gained popularity and has played a pivotal role in the expansion of OBA programming the last few summers. The fast-paced, developmentally friendly format offers an exciting alternative to traditional basketball, and it has opened doors for a wider range of athletes to participate in organized basketball competitions.

For 2023, we partnered with Canada Basketball to run one of the qualification events for 3×3 Canada Quest which allowed individuals and teams a pathway to potentially represent Ontario during Canada Basketball’s Globl Jam weekend. There were 12 teams that participated during the provincial qualifier which was hosted at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

The OBA Summer 3×3 Tour which has been running for the last 3 years continues to grow. This year we had over 60 teams across the province, with four tournament locations participate in our OBA summer tour. Winners of the tournaments qualified for the OBA CNE 3×3 championship event. It was a true celebration of the sport and a memorable way to conclude the summer season.

In the following years, we are committed to building on this success and further developing the 3×3 basketball community in our province. With your continued support and enthusiasm, we anticipate even greater accomplishments in the years to come.

Future Plans

Ontario Basketball is excited to continue to build on the growth of the sport in the province. For 2024, we are looking to continue to build system alignment within our own competition structure but look forward to also working with others within the basketball community. We have several projects that we will look to pilot for this coming year.

  • Starting this October, we will introduce the OBA Tip-Off Classic. The preseason showcase to start the year.
  • G-Elite, the high-level club competition for Junior and Senior girls. We will continue to provide opportunities for everyone that want access to high level basketball.
  • We will pilot specific House League Select tournament weekends this year. The intention here is to provide house league participants the opportunity to participate in a festival type environment while slowly introducing healthy and meaningful competition.
  • The Cultural Tournament Series will be several tournaments that is aimed towards certain cultural affiliation. Our goal is to highlight and educate through basketball.

Basketball Development Report

Basketball Development

Report prepared by Michael Selliah – Manager, Coach Education & Youth Development

Coach Education

The 2022-2023 Ontario Basketball season allowed for in-person coaching clinics and evaluations. There was a pent-up demand for clinics as a result of COVID and we were able to provide several opportunities for coaches to become trained/certified. Moving forward, we have identified strategies to develop coach education related knowledge within clubs and look forward to working with clubs in 2023-2024 to support coaches in further developing their knowledge and coaching abilities.

NCCP Coach Bursary

The Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) administers a bursary that provides education-based subsidies for competitive to high performance coaches, including those at the club, high school, and post-secondary level. The CAO is also instrumental in delivering financial assistance to Provincial Sport Organizations for coach training related costs. The program aims to ensure that Ontario’s developmental and high-performance athletes receive the best coaching possible by providing a series of enhancement programs and resources for coaches and PSOs. The Coach Bursary has been a major support to the training and certification of coaches in Ontario. We have actively encouraged all clinic participants to utilize this bursary.

Community Development

The OBA’s community portfolio is dedicated to supporting community partners in delivering grassroots programming as well as supporting coach and youth development programs. We are looking forward to 2023-2024 as we intend to increase collaboration with groups that have experienced barriers to participation in OBA programming.

Ontario Summer Development Program

OSDP provides athletes with a well-rounded basketball experience allowing them to work on their game in the off-season. Training sessions combine the fundamental movement skills of coordination, balance, and agility with age-appropriate basketball skills in a fun and inclusive environment. Sport is a training ground for life, and through OSDP, athletes have the opportunity to develop physically, socially, and emotionally, by working with new coaches and teammates, and learning new skills.
U12 and U14 Boys & Girls teams from all over the province were able to train and compete in the 2023 Ontario Summer Development program which consisted of regional training and a culminating event (final tournament). The program grew significantly in participation from the previous year.

High Performance Report

Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA)

Report prepared by Carmelo Mallia, Director, High Performance


Crestwood Preparatory College and Royal Crown School were crowned 2023 OSBA champions.

The 2023 OSBA Final 8 High School Championships were held March 2-5, 2023, hosted by the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). Crestwood Preparatory College (Women) and Royal Crown School (Men) were crowned 2023 OSBA champions.

Ontario Basketball (OBA) and the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA) would like to thank all student-athletes, coaches, athletic therapists, event volunteers, venue staff, and fans who made the event great. The OSBA also wishes the best of luck in the future to all OSBA student-athletes graduating in 2023.

Women’s Final Recap
Crestwood Preparatory College – Path to the Championship: Regular Season: 2nd in Pool A (11-3).

Men’s Final Recap

Royal Crown School – Path to the Championship: Regular Season: 1st in Pool A (13-4).

2022-2023 OSBA Major Award Winners

OBA Development League

The OBA Development League was created to complete the developmental pathway for grade 9 & 10 high school student-athletes and for current OSBA member institutions.

Inspire Academy captured the 2023 OBA Development League Boys Championship.
Finals MVP – Rokiem Green, c/o 2026

Royal Crown School captured the 2023 OBA Development League Girls Championship.
Finals MVP – Chance Berry, c/o 2027

Team Ontario


Tournament All-Stars

Awards & Standings:

15U Men

Ranking: #1 | First Team All-Stars: Kymani Walters, Stefan Ilic. | Tournament MVP: Paul Osaruyi

17U Men

Ranking: #1 | First Team All-Stars: Justus Haseley, Andrew Urosevic | Tournament MVP: Babatunde Durodola

15U Women

Ranking: #3 | First Team All-Stars: Juliana Rodger | Second Team All-Stars: Ava Bluhm

17U Women

Ranking: #3 | First Team All-Stars: Taylor Williams | Second Team All-Stars: Rebecca Milon

Quest for Gold - Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP)

Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP) is funded by the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MHSTCI), and operated through the Sport, Recreation & Community Programs Division. The overarching goal of the Quest for Gold – OAAP is directly related to the High-Performance Sport goal of the Canadian Sport Policy – that Canadians are systematically achieving world-class results at the highest levels of international competition – by improving the performance and number of Ontario athletes performing at the national and international level, thereby contributing to the improved performance of Canada at international competitions.

The Quest for Gold (QFG) program provides direct financial assistance to Ontario athletes so they can compete at the highest national and international levels.

Many Team Canada athletes from Ontario have benefitted from the program, including:

  • 2022 Winter Olympics: Ontario athletes comprised 28% of Team Canada, 84% of whom benefitted from QFG funding during their career
  • 2022 Winter Paralympics: Ontario athletes comprised 45% of Team Canada, 95% of whom benefitted from QFG during their career.

In 2023, Provincial Sport Organizations are receiving Ontario Card funding directly to support high-performance athletes through either:

  • direct support to individual athletes.
  • high-performance programming operated by the PSO that meets the objectives of the Quest for Gold program.

Individual athletes who receive direct support are selected by their PSO using sport-specific selection criteria developed by the PSO. Specific selection criteria can be obtained from each PSO.

The Quest for Gold program has invested more than $151 million in athletes since 2006. The funding:

  • encourages athletes to live and train in Ontario.
  • compensates athletes for earnings lost while training.
  • helps athletes successfully pursue excellence in sport while fulfilling their educational goals.
  • increases athlete access to high-performance coaching.
  • enhances training and competitive opportunities available to athletes.

The 2022-23 Quest for Gold ‘Ontario Card’ funds were allocated direct to 48 student-athletes that represented Team Ontario at the Canada Basketball National Championships.

Centre for Performance (CP)

The CP program returned with a restructured proposal that saw Ontario Basketball (OBA) partner with post-secondary institutions across Ontario, to deliver 15 hours of regional training provided by the post-secondary institutions’ coaching staff. In addition, OBA partnered with the PRO ATHLETE app, which allowed the participants to regularly execute the proper prehab (preventive) exercises and strength training programs aiming to improve strength, power and reduce injuries.

2021-23 Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI)

The OHPSI Training Camp was held on March 18, 2023, and March 19, 2023, at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC). The student-athletes were run through a prehab program, SPARC fitness testing and cognitive testing with a focus on strategies for managing and balancing training demands. The 2021-2023 OHPSI funding cycle for women’s and men’s basketball finished on March 31, 2023.

Marketing & Communications Report


Report prepared by Anthony Bennett – Manager, Marketing & Communications


The Marketing & Communications team went through a transitional period during March 2023 due to the departure of the Coordinator, Digital Media. The Business Operations department and the newly appointed Manager, Marketing & Communications worked together to create a plan of action moving forward in finishing their fiscal year. The following report highlights the success of the Marketing & Communications department for the 2022-23 year.

Marketing & Communications

Social Media Growth & Content Expansion

The Marketing & Communications team was thrilled with the growth of our social media platforms throughout the 2022-23 season. Throughout the season, we experienced tremendous growth on our Instagram account (instagram.com/obabball) in particular. We are proud of the work undertaken to expand our reach on this platform and thank our entire membership for the engagement on our content this past season. Our Instagram account grew from 22K to 26K from September 2022 to August 2023. We created a great surge of followers during our OBA Championship Season in the Spring/Early Summer of 2023 due to our extensive media coverage through photos and videos.

We are especially proud of the extensive photo and video content produced by our media team this season and would like to thank all creators who contributed to our team success: Ray Harripaul, Jeremy James Fokuoh, Gavin Davis, Andrew Reginald, Zayne Williams, Eugene Lam, Kimberly Chen & Taliah Timoll.

The OBA community has amazing stories to tell and share and we are committed to highlighting the exceptional people that make up the basketball ecosystem in the province. Heading into the 2023-24 season, we will continue to use our digital channels to both highlight important programming notes and tell great stories from our community. Please follow along with us on our social channels and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so already.

Events Coverage

The Marketing & Communications team was grateful for the invitations to cover and amplify both new and already-established basketball events during the 2022-23 season, including but not limited to: Andre de Grasse Holiday Classic, Ball Don’t Stop Pro-Am, 3×3 Canada Quest – Ontario Qualifier, 3×3 Canada Quest at GLOBLJAM, Team Ontario Media Day for the 2023 National Championships, Midtown Basketball League, 5 Star Men’s League, OBA x CYBL The Play In, & CNE x OBA 3×3 Basketball Tournament.

Partnerships & Campaigns

Report prepared by Mathew Singleton, Manager, Partnerships & Business Development

MilkUP by Dairy Farmers of Ontario
Ontario Basketball’s largest cash sponsor continued to demonstrate their commitment to our sport by supporting Provincial Championships, Regional 3×3 and Team Ontario. Total support for the partnership was $60,000, which included presenting Partner of Provincial Championships, continued support for the James Rose and Hazel Miner awards, while adding support to our Regional 3×3 event and Coaching Pathway. The DFO was flexible in our partnership and allowed us to deliver a great experience for our membership that they can be proud of.

In a show of support, our official basketball sponsor Spalding fulfilled our basketball requirements for High Performance, Youth Development, and Clubs and Competition despite the challenges and continued shortage of basketballs around the world. They have continued to support OBA with product (VIK) and have been instrumental in opening a new path for OBA Apparel. The continued support from Spalding will allow us to continue to grow the game of basketball and open the doors to new OBA programming needs.

RBC Mydoh
Ontario Basketball added RBC Mydoh as the Official Financial Service Partner for 2022-23. Mydoh is the money management app designed to encourage parents to help their children learn financial literacy. Through physical and digital activations at Provincial Championships, and Financial Literacy Workshops during the Ontario Summer Development program, members were given an opportunity to learn more about financial literacy.

OBA’s official supplier of medals and awards continued into 2022-23 at full speed. Supporting most notably our OBL and Provincial Championships and Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association.

Wingstop Canada
Wingstop continued as the Official Partner of the OBA 3×3 tournament for 2022-23. WingStop was a premiere partner accommodating meals for players, parents, and staff free of charge. Big thank you to WingStop for making the 3×3 Championships one participants will remember for years to come.

Total Sports Solutions
Total Sport Solutions (TSS) is the official court provider for Ontario Basketball for 2022-23. TSS specializes in FIBA-approved basketball flooring and allowed the OBA to provide a safe playing environment during our inaugural 3×3 Championship event at the CNE. This partnership supports our basketball ecosystem by providing high-quality sports flooring products suitable for residential backyard courts and commercial basketball facilities and help continue to grow the game of basketball in a safe and meaningful way.

Canadian National Exhibition
The Canadian National Exhibition and Ontario Basketball continued their long-term partnership to host the 2022-23 3×3 Championship Tournament. Participants had a chance to showcase their talents and compete outside within the CNE grounds. Members were given a chance to explore the CNE grounds for free and enjoy in an exciting experience to cap off the tournament.

The OBA continued our partnership in basketball with Olympia sports camp to provide more basketball opportunities to our membership. Through our partnership, we were able to provide 12 of our member’s one-week camperships to Olympia Sports Camp. We were able to support their summer registrations through various activations both physically and digitally. OBA provided an LTDP to be utilized by Olympia during their sports camp. Total partnership value of $10,000.

OnSpot Apparel
The OBA partnership with OnSpot apparel was a huge success as we continued our partnership for our Provincial Championships and Ontario Cup in 2022-23. We strategically put a plan together that would allow selling both Provincial Championship and Ontario Cup merchandise in high-traffic locations to maximize success exceeding last year’s financial totals by over $20,000. Total partnership value was over $82,000.

Tournkey Solutions (Formerly Sport-Travel)
The OBA and Tournkey renewed their partnership to offer affordable rates on premium hotel and accommodations for our membership for Provincial Championships and Ontario Cup. Through their online turnkey solution members had an easy-to-use system that made the process of travel stress free.

Committees Report


Report prepared by Dave Stockton – Executive Director

Diversity Advisory Committee
The purpose of the Diversity Advisory Committee is to increase the availability and delivery of OBA programs and services to underrepresented groups in the following areas – Indigenous, Women & Girls, BIPOC, LBGTQ, socio-economically challenged regions, northern Ontario, etc. The committee is comprised of OBA Vice-President (Claude Nembhard) as the committee chair along with other EDI expects in the Ontario sports business committee. The Diversity Advisory Committee will also be providing insight to OBA staff in operationalizing the EDI strategies identified in the KEDZ consulting research that was conducted in 2022.

OSBA Advisory Committee(s)
The purpose of the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA) Advisory Committee is to increase the transparency of the internal workings of the women’s and men’s leagues and aim to capitalize on the knowledge of its membership. Through this collaborative framework, OSBA members will be afforded more opportunities to bring ideas forward, ask questions, and participate in the growth of the league. This committee is comprised of Ontario Basketball staff (4), Canada Basketball rep (1), OSBA Coach reps (3), Scholastic Advisor (1), Community Advisor (1), OBA Board Representative (1)

Officials Transition Committee
An organizational change in the relationship between Canada Basketball and the national basketball officials resulted in the creation of the Canadian Basketball Officials Commission (CBOC). PTSOs are now required to establish similar relationships and structures to what exists with the national establishment of CBOC, within their own governance by building provincial commissions with their respective officials. The purpose of the formation of the Ontario Basketball Officials Transition Committee (“the Committee”) is to guide both Ontario Basketball and the Ontario Association of Basketball Officials and their respective Boards of Directors, in the creation of a new commission of Ontario Basketball Officials, currently referred to as the Ontario Basketball Officials Commission (“OBOC”). The committee will develop and publish a recommended transition plan to each respective Board of Directors at OABO and the OBA, which will outline the principles, structure, governance, and operational impact for both organizations. This transition plan will be presented for approval of each organization, while guiding the process to the establishment of a mutually constructed OBOC. This committee is comprised of board members and senior staff from both OABO and the OBA as well as a CBOC representative and other stakeholders from the officials’ community.

Club Affiliation Taskforce
The purpose of the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) Club Affiliation Task Force was to provide input and feedback to OBA staff in reviewing the existing Club Affiliation Model and designing a new process to make Club Affiliation a more open, transparent, and inclusive process. The task force provided insight and guidance to OBA staff to better understand the challenges and issues that impact club affiliation from a diverse group of existing member club representatives. The taskforce is comprised of Ontario Basketball staff (4), Canada Basketball rep (1), OBA Affiliated Club rep (4), Non-OBA Affiliated Club (1).

High Performance Advisory Team
A new High-Performance advisory team has been created to support the execution of Ontario Basketball’s High-Performance programs. They will review and update curriculum, aid with player and coach selection processes and act as a resource for Ontario Basketball. The members of the High-Performance Advisory Team are Charles Kissi, Michelle Belanger, Carly Clarke and Nathaniel Mitchell.

Annual Report Files