Rules and Regulations


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Updated February 6, 2024

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2023-24 Points of Emphasis

1. Coaching Certifications

Coaches must have the appropriate level of certification in order to be registered and actively coaching with any OBA team. OBA will check NCCP Numbers to confirm that coaches are appropriately certified. Coaches attempting to register without the appropriate certification will be contacted and given instructions as to what they must complete in order to be registered.

2. Coaching Exemptions

Due to the unavailability of clinics and evaluations, we will be allowing coaching exemptions for this season.  Coaching Exemptions will be as follows:

L2T – $250
T2T – $300

You will not need to complete and exemption if you have completed the clinic and are waiting for an evaluation.  As long as your status is Trained on Gameplan for the corresponding age group, you will not be subject to an exemption.

To pay for your coaching exemption, please visit  Select the “Workshops” tab and view “Coaching Exemption” as the Workshop Name.

3. Late Fees

If accepted by Ontario Basketball, teams that register past the team’s specific deadline will result in a $150 late registration fee in addition to the Ontario Basketball League and/or OBA Championship fees.

4. Minimum Number of Players to Start Game for U10-U12.

5.  Game Forfeiture Due to Team Behavior (players, coaches and parents)

  • Game officials may forfeit a game at any time during gameplay if the actions by a team, player, coach or parent prevent the game from being played (eg. Ejected player, coach or parent refusing to the leave the gym).
  • Game officials may forfeit a game at any time during gameplay if a team refuses to play after being instructed to do so by the crew chief.

6. Game Forfeiture for Provincial Championship, Ontario Cup & Sanctioned Tournaments

  • If in an OBA sanctioned tournament a team forfeits for a second time, the team shall be disqualified from the tournament and the results of all games played by this team shall be nullified.
  • Pre-game “no shows” for sanctioned tournament games including provincial championships will follow rule 8.3.1
  • For the purposes of tie-breaker point differential in tournaments, the following outcomes will be used if game officials forfeit a game at any time during play once a game has started: If the team to which the game is awarded is ahead by 20 or more points, the score shall be record as a 20-0.
  • If the team to which the game is awarded is ahead by 1-19 points, the score shall stand as is at the time when the game stopped.
  • If the team to which the game shall be awarded is tied or not ahead, the score shall be 2-0 in its favour.