Canada Basketball Verification


The Canada Basketball Verification Program is available to all basketball clubs, associations, and community groups across the nation. The program raises standards to guide all associations across Canada towards best principles and practices for organizational development. The Verification Program integrates important aspects of coaching, Safe Sport, and organizational leadership. Becoming Canada Basketball Verified encourages basketball providers to add accountability to their mandates and provides a welcoming, safe, and developmentally appropriate environment for all players and members.

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The Canada Basketball Verification Program is designed for everyone providing basketball opportunities for players in Canada. The program is founded on three pillars of success:

  • Safe Sport & EDI (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion)
  • Technical Skills
  • Governance & Administration

These pillars have been established as the foundational standards for all Verified organizations. Athletes, parents, coaches, officials, and organizers can have confidence their Verified organization’s alignment with best practices for basketball programming in Canada.

Verified programs are recognized for being leaders in Safe Sport, as well as their commitment to excellence and best practices. Aligning these best practices across our country will allow us all to drive positive changes and provide the best basketball experience possible for our members.

Verified Organizations

The organizations listed below have all been Verified by both Canada Basketball and Ontario Basketball: