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Team Ontario consists of the top male and female basketball players in the province in the U15 and U17 age categories, and the teams are a continual medal favourite at the annual Canada Basketball National Championships and quadrennial Canada Summer Games. Team Ontario’s coaching staff also represents some of the top coaches in Ontario.

The Team Ontario program also includes a U14 Boys and U14 Girls development team to help prepare young athletes to compete at the provincial level.

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Statement on 2023 Tryouts:

Unfortunately, Team Ontario execution was delayed this year with staff turnover, and then dealing with the passing of Greg Francis who was leading the planning for Team Ontario.

With Team Ontario tryouts happening later in the year than typically planned, we are keenly and acutely aware of the limited gym time, and the potential conflicts with OBLx/OBL schedules including Provincial championships and Ontario Cup weekends.

Since the very first announcement with tryout information was released in APRIL, we have been working with parents who reached out with conflicts to ensure they were provided with ample opportunity to attend tryouts and be properly evaluated around their existing commitments.

This year, we held tryouts spanning from Sault Ste. Marie, to Ottawa to Windsor, with our reach being larger than previous years.

We have scheduled multiple second round invitational evaluation weekends throughout the month of May to provide athletes playing AAU and OBL to attend 1 of the offered weekends.

Coaches that reached out to us with concerns were promptly advised to have the parents contact us so we could work directly with them to avoid any information being lost in translation being passed through clubs.

There have been regular communications being sent out to participating athletes and their families with direction on how to handle a schedule conflict, and we have worked with every single one that has contacted us.

To be clear, OBA/Team Ontario has NOT and WILL NOT ask any athlete to miss their OBL Provincial championships or Ontario Cups to attend Team Ontario tryouts. 

We continue to ask that people refer only to official communications sent out by OBA, and if they are hearing something contrary to what has been communicated to please reach out to us and ask for clarification.

Team Ontario Alum – Aaliyah Edwards (2017)

Team Ontario Alum – Jaden Bediako (2015 – 2017)

National Championships

The U15 and U17 Team Ontario programs compete the annual Canada Basketball National Championships, and the U17 teams compete in the quadrennial Canada Summer Games.

Between Nationals and Canada Summer Games, Ontario has earned gold at over 70% of the competitions since 2002.

Team Ontario National Championship Results (2002–present)

YearU15 BoysU15 GirlsU17 BoysU17 Girls
Total Gold Medals15111012
2019SilverSilverSilver5th Place
2014GoldSilverSilver5th Place
2012Gold4th PlaceGoldGold
2007SilverGold4th PlaceGold
2006GoldGoldGold6th Place
*Canada Summer Games

National Championship Award Winners

Canada Basketball names a Tournament MVP along with First and Second Team All-Stars annually at the National Championships.

Ontario athletes earn recognition every year, and over 65% of the Tournament MVPs have been from Ontario since 2002.

U15 Boys National Championship Award Winners

YearTournament MVPsFirst Team All-StarsSecond Team All-Stars
2019--Jahsemar Olembe, Jaiden Cole
2018D.J. JacksonJosiah Davis, Noah NgambaJavier Gilgeous-Glasgow
2017Johnathan Avgousti Charles Bediako, Caleb Houstan Tyler Delevante
2016-Luka SakotaAddison Patterson
2015Eric BeckettNoah Wharton, Callum Baker Emanuel Miller
2014R.J. BarrettAndrew Nembhard -
2013Tyler Plummer-Devonte Case
2012Marcus OtteyDaniel Cummings, Nolan NairanKeshon Montague
2011Chris EgiDevonte Campell, Brody Clarke-
2010Tyrell Green Malcom Duvivier Kemar Alleyne
2009Duane Notice Henry Tan Daniel Nwosu
2008Kevin PangosAnthony Bennett, Nic Lewis Martin Dixon-Green
2007-Emmanual Ajayi-
2006Cory Joseph Ashton Khan, Maurice Walker-
2005Alwayne BigbyKyle Smendziuk, Jonathan Tull, Scott Laws -
2004-Dwayne Smith, Junior CadouganAl Aliovic, Jonathan House
2003Jorden Henry Scott BrittainAlex Johnson
2002Sean Hickey Allen Mutebo, Ryan Wright, Simon Fairne-

U15 Girls National Championship Award Winners

YearTournament MVPsFirst Team All-StarsSecond Team All-Stars
2019-Lemyah Hylton, Cheyenne RoweTaija Sta Maria
2018-Abigail Jegede, Izabella Zingaro-
2017Aaliyah Edwards Callie Wright, Merissah RussellCiante Downs
2016-Makayla EnnisMerissah Russell
2015Laeticia AmihereKeishana Washington, Kylee O'HaraChristina Morra
2014-Sarah DonovanAlyssa Jerome
2013Kendra VanLeeuwen Hailey Brown, Mikaela Brewer-
2012-Bridget CarletonMichaela Niewenhuizen
2011Kia Nurse Christina Buttenham Mikalah Mulrain
2010Kia Nurse Shay Colley, Samantha Cooper-
2009Danielle BoiagoShay ColleyDakota Whyte
2008-Karly Roser Kellie Ring
2007Jennifer LennoxMegan Lukan -
2006Natalie AchonwaJulia Barac, Kristina Lalonde-
2005Ali DzikowskiJenna GilbertBrittany Hedderson
2004-Jenny Vaughan, Rebecca Moss -
2003Jaleesa RhodenKalisha Keane, Jaleesa RhodenSteph Quattrociochi
2002Andrea Benvenuto Tamika Nurse, Aileen Rossouw-

U17 Boys National Championship Award Winners

YearTournament MVPsFirst Team All-StarsSecond Team All-Stars
2019-Darius DeAveiroKyle Duke
2018-Josh PrimoRyan Nembhard
2017Canada Summer Games
2016-Jaden Bediako, Khaleem BennettEmanuel Miller
2015-R.J. BarrettGrant Adu, Kwshaun Sanders
2014-Ignas Skyla-
2013Canada Summer Games
2012Malcolm Duvivier Tyrell Bellot-Green, Marcus LewisJuwan Miller
2011Duane NoticeKaza Keane, Marko Pirovich-
2010-Agunwa Okolie-
2009Canada Summer Games
2008-Ashton Khan Cory Joseph, Murphy Burnatowski
2007-Marvin Binney-
2006Keaton ColeTamar Sutherland-
2005Canada Summer Games
2004Papa OppongRyan WrightPatrick Tate
2003Ronnie Williams Tyronne Mattison-
2002Tristan BlackwoodSheldon Steward, Colin Laforme-

U17 Girls National Championship Award Winners

YearTournament MVPsFirst Team All-StarsSecond Team All-Stars
2019--Jayme Foreman
2018Maggie BesselinkAndrea Dodig, Kaillie Hall-
2017Canada Summer Games
2016Shaina PellingtonLaeticia AmihereChristina Morra
2015Halle BovellBridget Mullholland , Alyssa Jerome Mikaela Dodig
2014-Mikaela Brewer Kendra VanLeeuwen
2013Canada Summer Games
2012Victoria RampadoHilary Hanaka Mikalah Mulrain
2011Dakota Whyte Katie Polischuk-
2010-Dakota Whyte, Kelly VanLeeuwen Tiye Traore
2009Canada Summer Games
2008Natalie Achonwa Kayla Alexander Laura Dally
2007Jenny Vaughan Natalie Achonwa-
2006--Vanessa Kabongo
2005Canada Summer Games
2004Tamika Nurse Kalisha Keane, Stephany Skrba, Jaleesa Rhoden -
2003Tamika Nurse Jesicca Perry, Tamika NurseNicole Trott
2002Andrea Benvenuto Natasha Bogdanova, Rachel Hart-

Team Ontario Award Winners

The James Rose Award and Hazel Miner Award are presented annually by Ontario Basketball to four Team Ontario athletes who uphold the finest qualities of sport in their pursuit of athletic excellence. The James Rose Award is presented to two male athletes and the Hazel Miner Award is given to two female athletes, one each from the U15 and U17 teams.

James Rose Award Winners

YearU15 BoysU17 Boys
2019Bronson ChambersDarius DeAveiro
2018Jaden ClaytonSam Thomson
2017Ryan Nembhard Emanuel Miller
2016Justice PrenticeJoel Brown
2015Callum BakerGrant Audu
2014Andrew NembhardIgnas Slyka
2013Tyler PlummerCorey Johnson
2012Daniel CummingsKemar Alleyne
2011Brody ClarkeMiKyle McIntosh
Kemar AlleyneAgunwa Okolie
2008Kevin PangosCory Joseph
2006Cory JosephKeaton Cole
2004Jonathon HouseEarl Greene
Note: Prior to 2010, the James Rose Award was given to U15 athletes and the Hazel Miner Award to U17 athletes. In 2010, the James Rose Award began to be awarded to male athletes and the Hazel Miner Award to female athletes.

Hazel Miner Award Winners

YearU15 GirlsU17 Girls
2019Lemyah HiltonIsaline Alexander
2018Jadyn WeltzAndrea Dodig
2017Isabella GaudetChristina Morra
2016Kaillie HallHanna Hall
2015Laeticia AmihereHalle Bovell
2014Hanna HallHalle Bovell
2013Bridget MulhollandChristina Buttenham
2012Bridget CarletonHilary Hanaka
2011Kia NurseKatie Polischuk
2010Kia NurseKelly Van Leeuwen
Karly RoserKristine Lalonde
2006Jennifer StoquaVanessa Kabongo
2004Karen BremnerTamika Nurse
Note: Prior to 2010, the James Rose Award was given to U15 athletes and the Hazel Miner Award to U17 athletes. In 2010, the James Rose Award began to be awarded to male athletes and the Hazel Miner Award to female athletes.


Melissa Kobe

Sr. Coordinator, High-Performance