In May 2015, Ontario Basketball a partnership with Pretty River Sports & Entertainment to launch the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA). The league is part of an overall shift in Ontario high school aged basketball competition.

The vision of OSBA is to identify, develop, and support targeted Ontario basketball teams and in turn athletes, to achieve the goals of developing Ontario athletes for post-secondary, national and international competition. In addition, this elite league will help increase the number and quality of Ontario athletes competing in the province at the Train to Compete stage of the Long-Term Athlete Development model.

Ultimately, the goal of the league is to provide elite level competition and exposure to premier high school basketball programs and in turn it should raise the entire basketball environment in Ontario and Canada.

In addition to partnering with sport schools or academies not currently served by Ontario Basketball, OSBA will provide proper periodized training, development and competition models for high performance athletes. OSBA will also focus on providing coaches with additional education and NCCP professional development, while increasing athletes’ exposure  to talent identifiers from Canada Basketball, CCAA, CIS and NCAA.

For the inaugural season, comprehensive proposals from interested programs were accepted. The first year will see eight male teams competing in the league and the second year will see the inclusion of female programs and the possible expansion of the number of male teams.

For more information please visit www.ontariosba.ca.

Upcoming Dates

The 2017–18 OSBA season starts in November. Check back in the fall for the schedule!


Carmelo Mallia
OSBA Commissioner, Men’s League

Linh Nguyen
OSBA Commissioner, Women’s League