RAMP Interactive

Ontario Basketball Partners With Canada Basketball For Use Of RAMP Interactive

Ontario Basketball partners with Canada Basketball to align its Membership Management System and use RAMP Interactive for 2023-2024 season and beyond.

Ontario Basketball (OBA) and Canada Basketball (CB) are proud to announce the alignment of a new national membership management system using RAMP Interactive.

For the 2023-2024 season, starting in September 2023, Ontario Basketball will adopt the use of the RAMP Interactive system for all OBA program registrations.

Please see below the links for both RAMP Interactive procedural manuals and webinar put together by OBA staff to help club and team administrators with RAMP Interactive’s new process.

RAMP Interactive Club Affiliation Manual
RAMP Interactive OBL Front-End Registration Manual, Section 1: Creating & Activating Your Account
RAMP Interactive OBL Front-End Registration Manual, Section 2: Ontario Basketball Programs Tournament Registration
RAMP Interactive Creating New Teams Manual
RAMP Interactive Assigning Players to Teams Manual
RAMP Interactive Option A - Invite Code Manual
RAMP Interactive Option B - Bulk Upload Manual

RAMP Interactive Webinar


Passcode: ?8@mb%KL


Subsequent communication will follow that will outline how to register for OBA Championship and OBL events and a sign-up for a webinar done by RAMP Interactive.

Any questions regarding RAMP Interactive registration can be directed to Michael Cross.