Notice of Meeting: Ontario Basketball Annual Meeting of Members

To all Active/Affiliate/Honourary Members (“Voting Members”) of Ontario Basketball:

The purpose of the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) of Ontario Basketball (OBA) is to deal with the usual business of OBA such as Board Reports, Staff Reports, Report of the Auditors and Elections.

The Board of Directors would be very pleased if you would participate in the following Members’ Meeting:

2018 Annual Meeting of Members

Date: Saturday, November 10, 2018
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Abilities Centre, Multipurpose Room (55 Gordon Street, Whitby, ON, L1N 0J2)

Important information about the meeting is outlined below and in the Notice of Meeting [.pdf].

1. Agenda and Map

2. Ballot/Proxy [.pdf]

As per By-Law 1 of Ontario Basketball, four (4) director positions are open for election. As a Voting Member, you have the right to vote for the candidates you choose for the Board of Directors. You also have the right to vote for the appointment of auditors and any other business or motions that may properly come before the meeting. You may vote by proxy or in person at the meeting.

For voting instructions, refer to page one of the Ballot/Proxy Form [.pdf].

For complete details on membership voting and annual meeting procedures, please refer to Article 3.00 Membership and Article 4.00 Meeting of Members in Ontario Basketball’s By-Law 1 [.pdf].

3. Board of Director Nominee Profiles

The following six nominees are running for election:

  • Erica Gavel (Incumbent)
  • Mike Quigley (Incumbent)
  • Stephanie Rudnick (Incumbent)
  • John Rocchi (Incumbent)
  • Michael Selliah
  • Dave Strecker

The Board of Director Nominee Profiles provide an overview of the credentials of each nominee.

Please note there are no nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting of Members.

4. Approval of Auditors

As outlined on the Ballot/Proxy Form [.pdf], Voting Members of Ontario Basketball have the right to approve the association’s auditors for the following year. The Board of Directors recommends MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation be approved by the Voting Members to review Ontario Basketball’s financial status for fiscal year 2018–19.

This is the third year that MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation has audited Ontario Basketball’s financial statements after merging with Day & Day Chartered Accountants, who audited OBA’s financial statement the previous 14 years.

5. Motion Form

As per By-Law 1 [.pdf] of Ontario Basketball, any Voting Member who wishes to have new business placed on the agenda at the Annual Meeting of Members must give written notice to Ontario Basketball at least 10 days in advance of the meeting. The procedures are:

  • Should a Voting Member wish to make a motion, they must complete and submit the Motion Form [.pdf], seconded by another Voting Member with the rationale indicated.
  • Motions must be received at the Ontario Basketball office no later than noon on October 31, 2018.
  • Motions brought to the floor at the AMM will be for discussion only.

6. Confirmation of Attendance

To assist in the preparations for the meeting (i.e., seating and refreshments), we request that members planning to attend the AMM confirm their attendance with Yoram Kerbel by November 2, 2018.


Should you have any questions about Ontario Basketball’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Members, please contact Jason Jansson.