Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19

Ontario Basketball will seek constant open communication with our membership during this unprecedented time. Below is a list of common questions and responses that we have received in the past few weeks.

[Updated October 21, 2020]

What can we do under Phase 3 of OBA’s Return to Play guidelines?

In line with the Ontario government’s advancement to Stage 3 of Reopening our Province, the decision was made to move forward to Ontario Basketball’s Phase 3 of Return to Play on July 24.

This allows for teams to practice again in indoor facilities where permits allow. All practice activity must be “non-contact” now according to Ontario law (section 8.5). In areas of the province that have moved to Stage 3 the gathering limit has increased to 50 people (including 1 parent/ guardian per athlete but not including staff at the facility).

What are Toronto, Ottawa, York and Peel Regions in Modified Stage 2 allowed to do?

The following restrictions affect team sport in the “hot spot” regions of Toronto, Ottawa, York and Peel:

  • All team sports will be limited to training sessions. No games or scrimmages will be allowed, which is consistent with OBA’s ongoing Phase 3 guidelines.
  • Closing of indoor gyms and fitness centres (i.e., exercise classes and weight and exercise rooms) which does not apply to basketball-specific spaces.
  • The limit of 10 players indoors and 25 players outdoors applies to team sports.

Will the 2020-21 season start on time?

No, due to the ongoing pandemic and associated health measures, Ontario Basketball (OBA) will be postponing the start of the competitive schedule for OBL and OSBA until January 2021.

A decision of this magnitude was not made lightly. The health and safety of our members are of utmost importance and a competitive start date prior to January 2021 appears to pose too many risks in relation to the contraction and spread of COVID-19.

Will there be any games in the Fall?

Hopefully. As soon as the “non-contact” restriction is lifted by the Ontario government, the OBA will be prepared to move into Phase 4 of our Return to Play guidelines, but we have no indication of when that may be in these uncertain times.

Due to all the uncertainty we announced our competitive schedule would be pushed back to a January 2021 start, BUT that does NOT mean there will be no games played in the Fall. If circumstances change the OBA will be prepared to run some modified competitions at that time in collaboration with member clubs.

How should club teams run try-outs?

In the interim before leagues start, teams are encouraged to invite back returning players wherever possible in lieu of the regular tryout hosting process. For many reasons including facility availability, the OBA recognizes that tryouts may not be advisable at this time. Should a club wish to conduct tryouts under the current restrictions all basketball activity must be non-contact.

Will insurance certificates be offered?

Yes, access to insurance certificates for the 2020-21 OBA season will be available before September 1, 2020. A communication will follow over the coming weeks with a club affiliation renewal date.

Are coaching clinics cancelled?

Yes, all coaching clinics scheduled through the end of August are cancelled. Please check Game Plan and the email associated with your clinic sign-up for information and updates on whether each clinic will be refunded or rescheduled. Ontario Basketball is evaluating online clinics in the interim.

Will the Ontario Basketball office be open?

No, the Ontario Basketball office has been closed since March 13th. Our office is located within the Abilities Centre, one of many recreation facilities closing its doors to protect its users from potential exposure. This closure will remain in effect until further notice.

Ontario Basketball staff will be working from home during this time. If you wish to get in contact with someone, please send an email instead of calling the office – Please use the Staff Directory to pull the email address for the appropriate staff member.

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