Ontario Basketball releases Return to Play Guidelines for Phase 3

(February 10 update: Certain Ontario Regions have exited lockdown and may resume non-contact team practice as per Phase 3 Guidelines below. There should be no organized basketball activity during this time in all other Gray (Lockdown) or regions under Stay-at-Home order. Please refer to the Ontario Government’s Lockdown/ Rules for Stage 1)

Hello OBA Community,

Ontario Basketball (OBA) is pleased to announce Return to Play” guidelines for Phase 3 of our multi-phased approach to safely resuming basketball activities.

First and foremost, please remember that all the current restrictions and those that will come into effect as we reach next stages, are imposed by the Ontario Government and medical health authorities. Restrictions differ by region according to public boundaries and have been given a color-coded framework – Find Your Zone. These, and the Return to Play protocols in development by OBA, are designed to facilitate the ongoing and continued safety of our members and all Ontarians.

It is important to note that OBA’s Return to Play Phase 3 is based on basketball activities in the province and this and future phases will not directly correspond to the Ontario Government’s reopening phases (which broadly cover all sectors of business) or Canada Basketball’s Back to Basketball plan (which broadly applies to all provinces and territories).









This document outlines working timelines, guidelines, measures and precautions that support a phased Return to Play plan while following health and safety measures at all times. We encourage our members to read and share these guidelines for Phase 3 and the OBA will continue to update these guidelines as restrictions are lifted.


OBA member teams not in lockdown regions can now practice or train at an indoor facility in areas of Ontario that have moved to Stage 2 (Red zone restrictions) or Stage 3 (Green, Yellow and Orange zones).  No activity is permitted in Stage 1 (Gray lockdown zone) regions. Sports may only be practised or played within the facility if they do not allow for physical contact between players or if they have been modified to avoid physical contact between the players. This means you can pass the ball to teammates, and run certain drills but none that would likely result in physical contact including defence. These rules have been set by the Ontario government.

The process for the OBA is as follows:
  1. Fill out the OBA Assumption of Risk Waiver form with a parent or guardian if you have not yet done so, or completed as part of the registration process. This will ensure you have insurance for associated risks of basketball activities, not for COVID-19 as contagion insurance is not being offered at this time.
  2. Arrange in advance with an open facility to train and ask what to expect when you arrive. Indoor basketball gyms are subject to the Ontario Government’s Rules for Areas in Stage 3, or Stage 2, depending on your region. Guidelines and facilities must follow those regulations at all times.
  3. When you arrive at the gym in a Yellow, Orange or Red zone, a staff member will record your contact information for contact tracing purposes. In regions in the Orange and Red zone they will ask you to give a Daily Attestation of Health where you declare that you have no symptoms. The facility records that information and keeps it on file for at least one month in case of suspected outbreaks.
  4. Training in Phase 3 can take place with a maximum of 50 participants (10 in red zone), 50 spectators (No spectators in Orange or Red zones; however, a person under the age of 18 years may be accompanied by 1 parent/ guardian). No activity should be taking place in Gray “lockdown” zones. If gyms are separated by doors/ permanent walls training can occur in each space but not if a multi-court facility is one open space. Phase 3 allows for passing of the ball between teammates for drills, but activities that may result in physical contact (including defence) are not permitted at this time.



Ontario Basketball would like to thank its members and the basketball community across the province for your patience and support during these times – THANK YOU!