Spalding Training Aids Available in Store

Ontario Basketball’s partners at Spalding Canada debuted a brand-new line of basketball training aids at the OBL All-Star weekends this Spring and now they are available for purchase in select Sport Chek locations.

For more details on the individual products click on their names in the table below:

 Smart ShotShooting SpotsHandle SleeveJump StrengthLateral Jump Resistor
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Eaton CentreXXXX
Sherway GardensXXXXX
Square OneXXXX

In addition to the availability of the Training Aids, Spalding has devised a series of tutorials to show how these items can be integrated into your training exercises.

Training Aid Tutorials

Ball Handling
Ball Handing: Level 1 (Handle Sleeve, Shooting Spots)
Ball Handling: Level 2 (3lb Ball)
Ball Handling: Level 3 (Handle Sleeve, Dribble Goggles, Blocking Pad)

Shooting: Level 1 (33 Oversize, Shot Arc, Shot Trainer)
Shooting: Level 2 (Smart Shot, Shot Arc Rim)
Shooting: Level 3 (Universal Shot Trainer)

Rebounding: Level 1 (Jump Strength)
Rebounding: Level 2 (Jump Strength, 3lb Ball)
Rebounding: Level 3 (Jump Strength)

Defence & Agility
Defence & Agility: Level 1 (Lateral Strength Resistor)
Defence & Agility: Level 2 (Lateral Strength Resistor)
Defence & Agility: Level 3 (Lateral Strength Resistor)