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Mega Hoops – Community Kits

Product Description

Ontario Basketball is bringing the Mega Hoops program to communities across Ontario in a new format with the creation of the new Mega Hoops community kit. The curriculum includes 8 1-hour sessions of skills and drills, as lesson plans with diagrams.

  • Small Package: 10 basketballs and 10 t-shirts, chalk and curriculum
  • Medium Package: 25 basketballs and 25 t-shirts, chalk and curriculum
  • Large Package: 50 basketballs and 50 t-shirts, chalk and curriculum

When purchasing, please use the additional boxes below to indicate which Long-Term Athlete Development curriculum stage (Active Start or FUNdamentals) and sizes of participant t-shirts. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Linnaea Harper.

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Please indicate the name of the basketball club purchasing a Mega Hoops kit.

T-Shirt Sizes *

Please indicate below what size(s) in participant t-shirts. Make sure it adds up to the number of t-shirt you’re purchasing, ex: If you purchase a medium kit (25), make sure size numbers add up to 25 t-shirts total (ex. 5 Youth S, 10 Youth M, 6 Youth L, 4 Youth XL, 5 + 10 + 6 + 4 = 25).