Basketball in indoor Facilities during Phase 3

As Ontario Basketball (OBA) teams begin to re-enter facilities across the province, member clubs are reminded to comply with provincial and local health and safety standards. Due to the current restrictions of Stage 3 of the Ontario government’s guidelines for reopening business, the OBA has not, and will not, be sanctioning games between OBA teams.


Each facility determines their own health and safety protocols based on the Ontario Government’s regulations (see link above). OBA has collected and communicated the current government regulations as they pertain to basketball in our Return to Play: Phase 3 guidelines. Each region also has their own local health and safety regulations designed to mitigate the risks related to the contraction and spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is a reminder to the membership that every facility is different.


There may however be facilities who choose to ignore the Ontario government’s guidelines and regulations. OBA recommends that member clubs exercise their discretion in favour of the safety of OBA members and refrain from using facilities that have failed to comply with the government’s guidelines and regulations. OBA encourages its members to report non-compliance to their local By-law Enforcement Services.


OBA appreciates its members continued patience and cooperation in the return to basketball.