Financial Assistance

Quest for Gold

Ontario Basketball is pleased to announce a final list of athletes and alternates who have been selected for Ontario Cards under the 2017-18 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). This program provides support to Ontario’s amateur high performance athletes.

The athletes were selected using the sport-specific selection criteria (.pdf) developed by Ontario Basketball, approved by its Board of Directors, and applied by the Selection Committee.

The final list of athletes selected for an Ontario Card, including alternates, is below.


Quest for Gold Selections

Full CardHalf Card
Eric BeckettKyle Duke-Simpson
Benjamin HendriksJohnathan Avgousti
Noah WhartonDarius DeAveiro
Caleb HoustanRyan Brooks
Joel BrownBen Shoveller
Jaden BediakoJustice Prentice
Wheza PanzoCassandra Joli-Coeur
Ryan NembhardAndrea Dodig
Kordell CharlesIsaline Alexander
Christina Morra
Isabella Gaudet
Keishana WashingtonIsabella Zingaro
Kylee O’HaraAbigail Jedege
Mide Oriyomi
Julia Chadwick
Laura Donovan
Ciante Downs
Callie Wright
Rebecca Marzan Demeke
Maryama Turkstra
Jessica Reid


Quest for Gold Alternates

Full Card AlternatesHalf Card Alternates
Kyle Duke-Simpson
Connor Vreeken
Johnathan AvgoustiThomas Kennedy
Darius DeAveiroTyler Delevante
Ryan BrooksD'Angelo Cortese-Affoon
Ben ShovellerNana Owusu-Anane
Justice PrenticeNana Boateng
Cassandra Joli-CoeurJoshua Primo
Andrea DodigJared Kreiner
Isaline AlexanderTaylor Featherstone
Isabella GaudetXianna Josephs
Isabella ZingaroKeanha Riley
Abigail JedegeLauren Foullong
Hayley Woods
Teah Stupar
Willo Thomas
Emilie Lafond


Carmelo Mallia

OBA Jumpstart


Jumpstart was launched with the commitment to help kids in financial need participate in sport. Not only does participating in sport allow kids to develop physical skills, it also helps build their self-esteem, giving them the chance to gain confidence that will extend beyond practices and games, teaching them essential life skills.

In Canada, 1 in 3 families cannot afford to enrol their children in organised sports. Jumpstart wants to change that — and to give kids a sporting chance. Since 2005, more than 1 million kids between the ages of 4 and 18 have been helped by Jumpstart — and that number grows every day.

At Ontario Basketball, we want kids to be able to participate in our programming regardless of their family’s financial situation — Jumpstart can help! If you are a parent or guardian looking to get more information on jumpstart’s funding program, please visit the Jumpstart website.

Their Opportunity

Their Opportunity

Their Opportunity is committed to providing kids from low-income families with the opportunity to play in local sport programs. Through sport, children build confidence, social skills, and commit to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Their Opportunity fundraising campaign, “Dimes 4 Time”, takes place every year for six weeks in January and February. The campaign engages elementary schools across the Durham region, encouraging them to collect change in the classroom and bring it to children who might not have the same opportunities.

After the six weeks of fundraising, 600 children have the opportunity to come together and celebrate in a fun-filled event. They participate in a variety of sports and activities allowing them to understand the importance of generosity and giving back to the community.

If your school is interested in becoming involved with the Dimes 4 Time campaign, please visit the Dimes 4 Time website.

If you would like more information about funding opportunities, please visit the Their Opportunity website.