2021 3×3 Tournament

Basketball is back, and on Saturday, August 21, Ontario Basketball and Athlete Institute are kicking off the basketball season in Mono, Ontario with a 3×3 tournament! Tournament divisions will include U10, U12, U14, U16, and U19.

The tournament will take place both indoors and outdoors on Athlete Institute’s 6 outdoor and 4 indoor 3×3 courts. Each team will be guaranteed three games.

A reminder that jerseys are NOT being provided by Ontario Basketball for this event, so please come with your light and dark jerseys/t-shirts to the event and rep your team! Numbers on jerseys/players are not required, but are encouraged.

To register for this tournament, click here to register through the play.fiba platform, or follow the instructions below. Click here for detailed instructions on how to register yourself and your 3×3 team. The deadline to register is 11:59PM on Friday, August 6.

If you are interested in Volunteering for this event as a scorekeeper, shot clock operator, or scoresheet runner, please fill out the Smartsheet volunteer form.

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Court Information

Court 1U10 Boys
Court 2U10 Girls
Court 3U12 Boys
Court 4U12 Girls
Court 5U14 Boys
Court 6U14 Girls
Court 7U16 Boys
Court 8U16 Girls
Court 9U19 Boys
Court 10U19 Girls

Date & Location

Teams & Age Divisions

Teams will have a minimum of 3 and no more than 4 players. Divisions will operate at a minimum of 4 teams and be capped at 8 teams. Teams who register for a division already full will be waitlisted.

Age DivisionBirthyear
U102011 or later
U122009 & 2010
U142007 & 2008
U162005 & 2006
U192002, 2003 & 2004

Game Schedules

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3×3 Event COVID Safety Protocols

Please review the below guidelines that outline safety measures in place during Ontario Basketball’s 3×3 Tournament at The Athlete Institute in Mono, Ontario on August 21st, 2021.

All participants, spectators and volunteers will be required to adhere to the protocols during the event and will all be required to complete the COVID Safety Waiver prior to playing in their first games. Parents/ Players will be asked to print and sign their waiver and bring it to the registration table on the morning of the event.

  • All participants must complete the Daily Attestation upon registration- anyone experiencing symptoms listed will be ineligible to participate
  • All participants must wear a mask if entering the Athlete Institute Facility
  • Players competing in the building will be required to wear a mask at all times except for when they are competing
  • Where applicable, players and spectators should practice physical distancing
  • Sanitization stations will be set up on each court
  • Players/ Spectators are required to bring their own water bottles- there should be no sharing. Water refill stations will be set up throughout the event.
  • All basketball’s will be sanitized between games by the Court Manager

The following information has been distributed to all attendees:

Welcome to Ontario Basketball’s 3×3 tournament at The Athlete Institute!

Ontario Basketball is excited to bring the fast paced, high energy style of 3×3 basketball to the community. With the recent addition of 3×3 to the Olympics, the growth of the game is moving rapidly across the globe.

Please see the details below for what you can expect on the day of when you arrive at The Athlete Institute. On the following pages you will find the 3×3 Rules which we ask all participants to review as there are slight modifications compared to 5v5, COVID Protocols, COVID Safety Waiver, tournament schedules, and a map of the event grounds to help you navigate on the day of.

For any further questions please contact Linnaea Harper (lharper@basketball.on.ca).

Thank you for registering for the event and we look forward to having a fun-filled, competitive day of 3×3 with you all!


Upon arrival at The Athlete Institute all participants/ parents should stop at the Registration table. Here they must submit their COVID Safety Waiver and complete their Daily Attestation to be eligible to compete in the tournament. The Daily Attestation will be as follows:

1. Do you have any of the following new or worsening symptoms?

  • Fever
  • Sneezing/ Runny Nose
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Loss of Taste or Smell

2. Have you traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?

3. Have you had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?

Every team will receive a 5-minute warm-up prior to their first game. Following the first games for every team a warm-up will be awarded if the schedule permits. All games will aim to start on-time.

Teams who will be participating in the tournament at the U16 and U19 levels will be in The Athlete Institute facility for their competition and need to have “indoor” specific shoes for the courts. Any spectators who enter the facility will need to stay off the main courts with outdoor footwear on.

Game Rules

Intro to the Game

The Official Rules of the Game

All games will be 10-minutes or first to 21 points. If no one reaches 21 points after 10mins the team with the higher score wins.

Baskets are worth 1pt for anything inside the arc and 2pts for anything outside of the arc. Every made free throw will be worth 1pt.

A coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession. The team that wins the coin flip can either choose to benefit from the ball possession at the beginning of the game or at the beginning of a potential overtime.

When a team is scored on, they must take the ball from the basket, inside the charge circle (or designated box under the basket) and clear the ball outside the arc for their possession to begin. The defensive player is not allowed to play for the ball in the “no-charge semi-circle area” underneath the basket.

Following each unsuccessful field goal or last free throw, if the offensive player rebounds the ball, they may continue to attempt to score without returning the ball behind the arc. If the defensive player rebounds the ball, they must return the ball behind the arc (by passing or dribbling).

Games will be 10 minutes of run time, with the last 30 seconds of play stop time if the score is within 2 points.

First Place and Third Place games will be played with stop time for the full 10 minutes.

Tournament tie breaking rules will follow Ontario Basketball Championship Tournament Tie-Break Format, which can be found here.

There is no coaching. For U10, U12 and U14 divisions teams will be required to have a parent chaperone to assist with substitutions and schedule management.

Substitutions may occur on a dead ball but not following a basket.

U10 & U12 Modifications

The first team to score in overtime wins the game.

No shot clock is used. If a team is not sufficiently trying to attack the basket, the officials shall give them a warning by counting the last 5 seconds.

Penalty situations are not applicable. All fouls are followed by check-ball, except those in act of shooting, technical fouls and unsportsmanlike fouls.

No time-outs are granted.

U14, U16, & U19 Additional Rules

If the score is tied at the end of regular playing time, an overtime shall be played. There shall be an interval of 1 minute before the overtime starts. The first team to score 2 points in the overtime wins the game.

There will be a 12 second shot clock.

1 timeout per game that they can request from the official during a dead ball. The timeout will be 30 seconds in length, per team per game.

1st place and 3rd place games will adhere to regular FIBA rules with stop time on dead ball situations and free throws throughout the 10 minutes of play

6 Team Fouls will result in a bonus situation. Personal fouls are not tracked but any player who has committed 2 unsportsmanlike fouls will be disqualified from the game and will be under review by the event organizers for possible removal from the event.

If the foul is committed on a player in the act of shooting, that player shall be awarded a number of free throws as follows:

  • If the shot released from the field goal area is successful, the goal shall count and, in addition, 1 free throw. 2 free throws shall be awarded as of the 7th team foul.
  • If the shot released from inside the arc is unsuccessful, 1 free throw. 2 free throws shall be awarded as of the 7th team foul.
  • If the shot released from behind the arc is unsuccessful, 2 free throws.

Unsportsmanlike and disqualifying fouls are counted as 2 fouls for team fouls purposes. The first unsportsmanlike foul of a player shall be penalized with 2 free throws, but no ball possession. All disqualifying fouls (including the second unsportsmanlike of a player) shall be penalized with 2 free throws and ball possession.

Team fouls 7, 8 and 9 shall always be penalized with 2 free throws. Team foul 10 and any subsequent team fouls shall be penalized with 2 free throws and ball possession. This clause is applied also to unsportsmanlike fouls and to fouls on the act of shooting and overrules Art. 7.2 and 7.3 but shall not be applied to technical fouls.

All technical fouls shall be always penalized with 1 free throw. The free throw shall be administered immediately. After the free throw, the check-ball shall be administered by the team which had control of the ball or was entitled to the ball when the technical foul was called. The game shall be resumed as follows:

  • If the technical foul was committed by a defensive player, the shot clock for the opponents shall be reset to 12 seconds.

If the technical foul was committed by the offensive team, the shot clock for that team shall continue from the time it was stopped.

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Linnaea Harper
Coordinator, Basketball Development