Host a Sanctioned Game

Beginning in the 2018–19 season, Ontario Basketball implemented a process to sanction games between affiliated member clubs. Games must be sanctioned by Ontario Basketball in order for game results to count for rankings and, most importantly, for Ontario Basketball insurance to be valid.

Process to have your game sanctioned by Ontario Basketball:

Note: The process to host a sanctioned game is different from the process to host a sanctioned tournament.


  • Any club team affiliated with Ontario Basketball is eligible to host a sanctioned game against another Ontario Basketball-affiliated club team.
  • There is no fee associated with submitting a game for sanctioning.

Before the Game

  • Submit your game to be sanctioned by Ontario Basketball through SportSavvy at least 1 week before the scheduled date. (Follow the instructions to submit a game through SportSavvy [.pdf].)
  • Before playing your game, check back in on SportSavvy to ensure that the game’s status has changed to “Sanctioned”.

During the Game

After the Game

  • Keep the game scoresheet on file.
  • Submit the game result to Ontario Basketball through SportSavvy within 14 days following your sanctioned game. (Follow the instructions to submit a game through SportSavvy [.pdf].) If the result is not submitted within this 14-day period, your club may be subject to an administration fee.