Policies and Procedures

Ontario Basketball has developed the following policies and procedures with the goal of providing an inclusive and respectful sport and work environment for all involved. We are committed to creating and regularly reviewing the policies and procedures required as per the Sport Recognition Policy, administered by the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. 

All policies and procedures are displayed below in alphabetical order. Click on each red tile to view the policy both as a webpage and as a downloadable .pdf.

Accessibility Policy

OBA is dedicated to providing its programs, goods and services in a manner that respects the dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity of persons with disabilities.

Anti-Doping Policy

All athletes participating in Ontario Basketball’s provincial and national programming are bound by NSO Canada Basketball’s national Anti-Doping Policy.

Athlete Selection Policy

Outlining the clear and transparent process to be used in the selection of provincial team athletes which based on nationally-adopted ranking criteria. 

By-Law 1

A set of rules established by Ontario Basketball which guide the operations of the organization and its membership.

Cell Phone Policy

Reflecting the recent provisions of the Highway Traffic Act – The use of cell phones or other handheld devices while operating a motor vehicle is strictly prohibited. 

Coach Selection Policy

Ontario Basketball is committed to providing a clear and transparent process for the selection of coaches for its development and high performance programs. 

Code of Conduct: Board of Directors

Members of Ontario Basketball’s Board of Directors are expected to abide by a number of standards in all matters related to the OBA. 

Code of Conduct: Clubs, Coaches, Athletes, Spectators & Officials

Individuals are expected to demonstrate behaviour consistent with the values of the OBA during the course of OBA business, activities and events. 

Confidentiality Policy

To ensure that all Directors, Committee Members and Employees of Ontario Basketball maintain confidentiality with respect to Confidential Information pertaining to OBA’s operations. 

Concussion Policy & Code of Conduct

To increase education and awareness on the signs and symptoms of concussion and the specific protocols for managing concussion in Ontario Basketball sanctioned activities. 

Equity Policy

Intended to guarantee equal opportunities and a working environment free of discrimination to all Ontario Basketball employees and members.

Fair Play Policies & Procedures

Outlining the roles and responsibilities of Ontario Basketball’s Fair Play & Resolution Committee members. 

Fair Play Schedules A & B

A list of offenses and the appropriate recommended penalties regarding misconduct by players, team officials, clubs and spectators.

Finance Policy

To define the financial management policies, procedures and financial controls that guide the operations of Ontario Basketball.

Gender Equity Policy

Ontario Basketball is committed to achieving gender equity in its administration, policies and programs.

Harassment Policy

Ontario Basketball is committed to providing a sport and work environment which promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices. 

Member Club Out-of-Province Travel Policy

Member clubs who send their rep teams to out-of-province tournaments should ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage. OBA’s policy only covers play within Ontario. 

Member Club Screening Policy (fillable template)

This policy is available as a fillable template to member clubs wishing to adopt a standardized risk and liability screening policy within their association. 

Membership Policy

Membership of Ontario Basketball – in good standing – is required for all participants and contributors to all Ontario Basketball programming. 

Privacy Policy

In the course of administering Ontario Basketball programming, personal information may be collected. This policy outlines how this information is collected, used, protected and disclosed.

Refund Policy

This policy outlines the conditions required to be met for issuing refunds of any monies paid to Ontario Basketball.

Screening Policy

Ontario Basketball is committed to implementing, and requiring certain stakeholders to implement, reasonable screening processes with the intention of improving the quality and safety of programs and services, and to reduce risk and potential liability. 

Social Media Policy

This policy provides guidance for Ontario Basketball employees, contractors or volunteers who contribute or reply to posts on social media.

Transfer Policy

To promote commitment and respect among players, coaches and teams, and to uphold the values of equity, opportunity and accountability for OBA members. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

This policy relates to abuse of referees, minor officials and OBA officials/site supervisors and seeks to promote courtesy between players, coaches, referees, parents and fans.


Jason Jansson
Executive Director