As the Canada’s Center for Ethics in Sports (CCES) states: “sports is about competing and performing to the best of your ability—the pursuit of human and sporting excellence. Taking prohibited substances or using prohibited methods is cheating and can be very damaging to an athlete’s health. Doping undermines the fundamental spirit of sport and severely damages the integrity, image, and value of sport.”

As the body responsible for administering Canada’s Anti-Doping Program (CADP), CCES devotes a significant portion of its resources to promoting doping-free sport. The CADP protects athletes’ right to fair and ethical competition and helps ensure the integrity of amateur sport.  Through association membership, all athletes of Ontario Basketball (OBA) are bound by Canada Basketball’s anti-doping policy and any resulting sanctions.

In accordance with their policy, if you are sanctioned by virtue of the CADP you will be ineligible to participate in any role and in any competition or activity organized, convened, held or sanctioned by Canada Basketball or its Member associations (including Ontario Basketball) as per the penalties imposed.  We monitor our membership in coordination with Canada Basketball to ensure compliance with Canada’s Anti-Doping Program.

At all times, Ontario-based athletes who compete in national level events held in Ontario, either through a provincial sport organization (i.e., Ontario Basketball) partnership with or on behalf of the national sport organization (i.e., Canada Basketball), are bound by the national sport organization’s anti-doping policy.

Click here to view Canada Basketball's Anti-Doping Policy

Reviewed October 20, 2021 by Ontario Basketball Board of Directors
Approved March 5, 2018 by Ontario Basketball Board of Directors