This Policy ensures that Ontario Basketball (OBA) member clubs are aware of all their rep teams who are traveling outside the province to competitions (i.e. tournaments) and other basketball-related events to ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage.


As outlined by Ontario Basketball, all OBA member club teams traveling outside the province to compete must inform their club and Ontario Basketball of their travel. OBA member club teams who follow this Policy will receive extended liability insurance coverage. Teams traveling outside of the country must also present their club executive and Ontario Basketball with confirmation of extended medical coverage.


This policy applies to any OBA affiliated team wishing to play in an out-of-province competition or to play against a team (or teams) outside of Ontario. The permission to travel outside of Ontario will only be granted to teams that are members in good standing with Ontario Basketball.

Responsibility of Club Member Team

Ontario Basketball member club teams shall not play against teams who are not properly affiliated directly or indirectly with their respective national, provincial or state governing body. Teams traveling to a competition have a reasonable expectation that the event will be run properly. If not, complaints and concerns cannot be addressed through Ontario Basketball to the event host’s sanctioning body.

No application for Ontario Basketball sanctioning of a basketball instructional or competitive venture will be considered unless such application has first received the endorsement of the Ontario Basketball member club. OBA affiliated teams shall not consider entering competitions that are not approved by the provincial, state or regional association under whose jurisdiction the competition organizing group falls.

Only players that are registered with the member club may play for the team traveling to a competition. Players who are under suspension are not eligible to play in sanctioned competitions.

Steps to Obtaining Approval

A team competing outside of Ontario must inform its member club by completing and submitting the Team Travel Form. Any registered OBA team applying to play outside of Ontario must first submit the Team Travel Form to its member club executive for permission to travel abroad; and secondly to Ontario Basketball for approval.

  1. Download Team Travel Form [.pdf].
  2. Complete form, sign and submit to designate member club representative (i.e., Club President) no later than 30 days in advance of the departure date.
  3. Member club designate approves the team’s out-of-province travel and submits copy to Ontario Basketball.

Breaches and Penalties

Any person who is aware that a rep team is in breach of this Policy may report such a breach by means of a written complaint to Ontario Basketball. All complaints to Ontario Basketball must be in writing from the OBA member club president or designate and sent to the Commissioner of Fair Play & Resolution. In the event an OBA member club team is found to have breached this Policy, Schedule A & B of Ontario Basketball’s Fair Play Policy and Procedures will apply to those responsible for violating the policy.


Approved December 16, 2014 by Ontario Basketball Board of Directors