Code of Conduct: Board of Directors

Policy Statement

Ontario Basketball (OBA), through its Board of Directors, is committed to fostering a healthy environment for the play of basketball in Ontario and beyond.  We will uphold the highest legal, ethical, and moral standards.  Our membership supports the OBA and trust us to be good stewards of the organization and to uphold the Code of Conduct.  We recognize as a member of the Board of Directors that our Board membership brings with it a set of obligations and responsibilities in how we conduct ourselves and set the example for others.  The development and maintenance of a healthy environment at the OBA starts with us in how we articulate and institutionalize our purpose, values, systems; as well as, in the integrity, mutual respect and in the equitable actions taken by us throughout the organization.

As a member, I/we shall:

  • Recognize that the chief function of the OBA always is to serve the best interests of the membership.
  • Abide by the Corporation’s Code of Ethics acting with integrity, mutual respect and in the equitable actions taken.
  • Respect and support the Corporation’s By-laws and policies approved by the Board.
  • Exercise these responsibilities, always, with integrity, objectivity, due diligence, care, and skill in a reasonable and prudent manner.
  • Exercise the powers of the position of the board and fulfill the responsibilities in good faith, using sound judgment, honesty, transparency, and openness in all activities on behalf of Ontario Basketball.
  • Conduct my behaviour in a manner that supports OBA always maintaining the highest standards of integrity, mutual respect, and equity.
  • Serve the overall best interests of the OBA rather than any constituency avoiding/declaring any real or perceived conflict of interest as required.
  • Strive to continually enhance the credibility and reputation of the OBA.
  • Act in a manner that is non-discriminatory and work to promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect giving fair consideration to diverse and opposing viewpoints that can provide for a richer dialogue.
  • Refer questions or requests for official comments regarding OBA activities or initiatives to either the President or Executive Director, unless otherwise authorized by the Board or Board President.
  • Where practical, commit to full participation in all meetings, special events, and other activities of the Board, unless there is an unavoidable conflict of interest or unforeseen emergency.
  • Demonstrate due diligence and dedication in preparation for meetings, special events and in all other activities on behalf of the OBA.
  • Ensure that the financial affairs of the Corporation are conducted in a responsible, ethical, and transparent manner with due regard to the fiduciary responsibilities given to us.
  • Demonstrate acceptance, respect and support for decisions legitimately taken in the transaction of OBA business.
  • Keep confidential all information learns about personnel, members and records that are the property of the OBA, and any other matters specifically determined by Board motion to be matters of confidence including matters dealt with during in-camera meetings of the Board.
  • Treat discussion at Board meetings as confidential, including the number of votes cast for and against a resolution and how other Directors may have voted, except to the extent that such discussion and voting details are contained in the Board-approved minutes.
  • Conduct myself in a spirit of collegiality and respect for the collective decisions of the Board are made in the best interests of the OBA.

Monitoring and Complaint Procedures

In the event an infraction occurs, a compliant should be sent to the President and Treasurer of the Board.  The President will ensure a fair and neutral investigation of facts alleged in the complaint. To that end, the President or their designate, may communicate with the complainant and the respondent to clarify the following:

  • Who is the complainant and what is the complaint?
  • Does the complainant have direct eye witness evidence of the facts alleged?
  • What principle has been contravened?
  • Who is the respondent? Are there multiple respondents?
  • Is the respondent an employee, member, official or member of the public?

The President may prepare a brief synopsis of the investigation to be placed before the full Board to determine the action to be taken to address the situation without regard to their status within Ontario Basketball.  The OBA Board Members will review this policy on an annual basis as part of a recertification process and to ensure they understand and are acting in good faith under the Code of Conduct for Board of Directors.  The Code will be managed by the President of the OBA.


Reviewed September 15, 2021 by Ontario Basketball Board of Directors
Approved September 25, 2012 by Ontario Basketball Board of Directors