Officiating Awards

Ontario Basketball Hall of Fame

The Ontario Basketball Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1999 with the induction of Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball. The Ontario Basketball Hall of Fame does not yet have a permanent site. Nominees are honoured at the Hall of Fame Gala Dinner.


Any person who has achieved an outstanding standard of excellence in basketball is eligible for a recognition award or election as an Honoured Member of the Ontario Basketball Hall of Fame.

Nominees must be residents of Ontario or have been born in Ontario or made their distinguished contribution to the game of basketball in Ontario.


Officials are individuals whose efforts and expertise in the development and training of basketball officials and/or in the performance of their duties as officials have exhibited outstanding and extraordinary skill, expertise and commitment resulting in the promotion and development of the game of basketball in Ontario, nationally, or internationally. Officials must be retired from active duty for at least two years, or one year if 65 or older, in order to be eligible for entry.

Please click here for more details on Hall of Fame policies and procedures. And please click here to submit a nomination (.pdf) for the Ontario Basketball Hall of Fame.

Nomination form

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