The Fun Continues for U12 Boys at OSDP

After a great first day of camp, Day 2 on July 19 of the Ontario Summer Development Program (OSDP) at Georgian College in Barrie was even better with its full schedule of drills, guest speakers, games, and lots of fun!

The morning was a continuation of the previous day’s four stations around the gym: dribbling, passing, shooting, and defensive skills. Coaches added advanced drills to help participants develop their skills in each area. The players learned about retreat dribbling, shooting motions, positioning, and more. Each station gave coaches the opportunity to collaborate and athletes the chance to develop their skill set.

Beyond athletic skill, the U12 boys also learned about nutrition. Adding to the discussion run by Alida Iacobellis from the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, the players shared ideas about what foods are necessary to maintain a healthy level of energy during both training and off days. The boys got into groups to create their own plate of food for a healthy athlete’s diet. Understanding that what they put into their bodies is just as important as what they do to train their bodies was the objective of the morning’s classroom session.

Following lunch, the participants went back to work going through 2-on-2 into 3-on-3 penetration principles with Ontario Basketball’s Men’s Technical Lead, Jason Dawkins. Coach Dawkins went over footwork and explained the importance of paying attention to detail. The athletes ran through a series of drills allowing them to practice their footwork.

The second classroom session of the day was with Tim Laurain, provincial supervisor for officials, who explained the numerous factors that go into an official’s decision during games. Breaking down scenarios and talking about the calls that referees make allowed for open discussion about their decision-making process. The players gained understanding and respect for the role of officials in the game.

Not only was there lots of learning in Day 2 of OSDP, but athletes also had tons of fun! All 120 boys played the ultimate game of King’s Court Bump.

The highlight of the day, though, was applying what they have been learning by playing 3-on-3 basketball games.

Before the day was over, the athletes went through a cool-down and headed back to their rooms to relax and rest up for Day 3 of OSDP.

Take a look back at Day 1 of OSDP, and see more what the U12 boys are up to on Ontario Basketball’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


About Ontario Summer Development Program
Ontario Summer Development Program (OSDP) is Ontario Basketball’s off-season basketball program that helps U12 and U14 athletes grow their personal, social, and athletic skills through programming that emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and learning. Through OSDP, athletes have the opportunity to work with new coaches and teammates, learn new skills, and attend overnight camp.