Announcing Changes to OBLX Format

For teams hoping to qualify for Ontario Basketball’s Provincial Championships, the process will be more streamlined this year.

Participation in the OBL will be mandatory for all teams hoping to compete for Provincial Championships.

For teams aged U13 to U19, the process for qualifying for Provincials will be as follows:

All teams will register for OBL, and they will be placed in pools based on their registration level (AAA+, AAA, AA, or A). The top teams will be split evenly into qualifying pools, sorted based on 2019 rankings and OBA Championships, in snaking order. All other teams will be placed in pools in descending order. All teams will then compete in their first OBL six games.

Initial rankings, based on all OBL and sanctioned games, will determine the top 14 teams in the Ontario Basketball League. Those teams will be split evenly into two OBLX pools in snaking order. The remainder of teams will be placed in OBL (Pool A, B, C, etc.). The top 14 teams will then play their remaining 6 OBLX games in their respective pools.

The top 4 teams in each OBLX Pool at the end of the season, based on their final six games, will be granted the opportunity to compete at Provincial Championships. The order of these 8 teams will be determined by the Ranking Committee.

For further information on the OBL, please visit the About OBL page.

Questions about changes to OBLX formatting should be directed to Dean Eyers – Coordinator, Ontario Basketball League.