Executive Report


Report prepared by Jason Jansson, Executive Director

Ontario Basketball (OBA) experienced another positive year in 2018-19. The success of the organization could not be attainable without the tireless efforts from our professional staff. Without their commitment, the highlights of this report and the programs and services provided by OBA would not be possible.


As indicated in the 2018–19 Audited Financial Statements, this past year was another positive year financially for Ontario Basketball. The excess of revenues over expenses reported puts OBA into an even healthier position and provides a continued opportunity to replenish our contingency account. Additionally, this was a record year in revenue for Ontario Basketball, having exceeded $4.7 million for the first time in the organization’s history. Moving forward, OBA will continue to implement fiscally responsible protocols to manage expenses, seek diversified revenue streams for ongoing sustainability and reinvest funds into OBA’s membership.

Human Resources

This year saw the departure of OBA staff members Vasim Kapadia (Coordinator, Clubs and Competitions), Katrina Krawec (Coordinator, Business and Communications), Linh Nguyen (Coordinator, High Performance) and Marlon Piedrahita (Coordinator, Community Development). We certainly want to recognize their time with OBA as members of our dynamic staff and wish them all the best with their current and future endeavours.

Additionally, as the organization continues its commitment to providing quality programming and services at all levels, Ontario Basketball proudly made some internal shifts in responsibilities and added Emily Acton (Coordinator, Business and Communications), Bianca Bohn (Coordinator, Membership and Events),  Tristan Cave (Coordinator, Membership Services), Linnaea Harper (Coordinator, Basketball Development), Amanda Hoang (Coordinator, Training and Education) and Ryan Xavier (Coordinator, Elite Development).

We now have a compliment of 19 full-time staff members to support our members and the basketball community.


As the recognized Provincial Sport Organization for basketball in Ontario by the newly named Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Cultural Industries, Ontario Basketball continued to meet all expectations and criteria of the Sport Recognition Policy throughout 2018–19. As part of Ontario government priorities, OBA has made major investments to support Rowan’s Law and will continue to support its membership and educate the basketball community with respect to concussion education and awareness.

Clubs & Competitions

For 2018-19, Ontario Basketball League reached another milestone with 760 registered teams and 1,312 teams competed in the season-culminating event – the 2019 OBA Championships. With those figures, we have seen another overall increase in rep basketball participation. With the introduction of a Club Excellence strategy, Ontario Basketball will look to further support its member clubs with resources in 2019-20 and beyond.

Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association

OSBA continues to gain unprecedented momentum and support from the basketball community and the talent in the league – at the athlete and coach level – continues to become world-class.

The 2018–19 season culminated with the Crestwood Lions (Toronto) winning the championship for women and TRC Wolfpack (Brantford) capturing the provincial title for the men.

We encourage you to follow the continued uprising of Ontario prep schools at www.ontariosba.ca.

Team Ontario

The provincial team continued the province’s tradition of success each summer in 2018. Ontario’s U15 Boys, U15 Girls and U17 Boys won silver while the U17 Girls finished fifth. We are beyond proud of the accomplishments of the athletes and coaches who continue to represent Ontario at the national stage and who graduate to compete on Team Canada.

Ontario Basketball will be proudly collaborating with Canada Basketball, Tourism Kingston and Queen’s University to host the national championships for boys on August 3-8, 2020 in Kingston, Ontario.


We like to acknowledge and recognize our corporate sponsors, funding supporters and partners in development. It is through their support that Ontario Basketball is able to deliver high-quality basketball programs to our members. Additionally, we would like to highlight the Toronto Raptors on their NBA Championship as MLSE has been a long-time supporter of Ontario Basketball and the amateur basketball across the province.

Thank You

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, we would like to thank the Ontario Basketball membership and all stakeholders for their tireless support of and commitment to amateur basketball across the province. We are thrilled about the ongoing success of the sport and organization and we are excited to continue to strive for excellence. In 2019-20, we will be working on our next strategic plan and will engage all basketball stakeholders in our next vision.

Yours in basketball,

Stephanie Rudnick

President, Ontario Basketball

Jason Jansson

Executive Director, Ontario Basketball

Finance Report

Finance Report

Report prepared by Trina Savoie, Director of Finance

The Ontario Basketball Association had another excellent year for revenue growth from a 4 million to a 4.7 million dollar organization. Our strategy for the year was to continue to fulfill our 2020 vision, improve operational efficiencies and increase our brand presence while maintaining a balanced budget.

Total revenue for Fiscal ‘19 increased by approximately 18% from the previous year. This increase can be attributed to growth in the memberships (12%), participation in tournaments (27%), interest earnings on investments (92%) and corporate partnerships – reestablishing old ones and creating new ones (75%).

Total expenditures saw an increase of 13%. This increase can be attributed in part to meeting our organizational needs related to HR and staff development (4%), network infrastructure and registration platform (81%). As well as increased program costs related to compensation for officials (17%), minor officials (35%), conveners and other costs associated with provincials and league play.

Net income or excess of revenues over expenditures at year-end is $295,660 compared to last year’s ending balance of $95,311 and, an ending total equity/net asset position of $1,367,013.

Ontario Basketball is at a point where we have improved our financial position so that we not only meet our obligations but have the cash for reinvestment in areas such as staffing, programming, community objectives, and future endeavours. As well as peace of mind concerning lack of or decreasing availability of government funding, facility rate hikes or strike actions.

Fiscal responsibility will continue to be a strategic priority for Ontario Basketball, as well as, the creation of a fee assistance program for the 2019-2020 season. We will continue to review our core operations to ensure that they are self-sustainable and not reliant on various programs or grant funding to offset costs. We hope to have continued growth to allow us to provide added value to our clubs, members and community partners.

2018–19 Audited Financial Statements

The financial statements of Ontario Basketball have been audited by MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation and found to present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the organization and the results of its operations and cash flows for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2019, in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.

Clubs & Competitions Report

Ontario Basketball League (OBL)

Report prepared by Tyler Harding, Manager of League Development

About Ontario Basketball League

In its fourth year since its inception, the Ontario Basketball League (OBL) continues to expand and provide an inclusive, province-wide league structure that allows all participating teams to receive meaningful competition for both genders and all age categories. The Ontario Basketball league has quickly become the largest basketball league in the country and continues to flourish.


This season participation numbers increased from 624 participating teams to 760 registered teams for the 2018-19 season. With over 4600 scheduled games, 7,500 participating athletes, 2000 certified coaches, and an OBL All-Star showcases to end the season for our U10-U14 Boys and Girls. Our expectations going into season 5 continue to grow as we provide the best competition structure possible for our membership.

This season also saw the implementation of 2 team qualifying for the JR NBA nationals through our OBLX championship weekends. Both team were successful in their quest’ to complete on the international stage in Orlando, Florida, showcasing the amazing talent coming out of the Province of Ontario. With a great deal of positive feedback, we look to grow and expand upon this season’s great OBLX success moving into the 2019-20 season.


The 2018-19 OBL season provided athletes, coached and parents a one stop shop for all things OBL. The OBL website delivered on its promises as it housed all OBL schedules, results, registration, photos and videos, FAQ’s, Player of the week nominations and content from our All-Star showcase.

In this fourth year we continued to streamline the registration process as we only accepted online payments and continue to set hard deadlines in order to release schedules for participating teams in a timely manner. The registration process also allowed for teams to register for their desired level of competition to allow the most competitive divisions possible for participating teams.

2019-20 and Beyond

Looking to continue the success of the OBL, we are pleased to announce that this season will have a continued focus on the marketing and social media. With an increased level of weekly photos and videos, photo contests, as well as Athlete of the Week recipients, athletes and coaches will enjoy these added features through the OBL website.

Teams will also have the opportunity to participate and challenge for their respective POOL Championships, with the winners receiving Pool Medals, and a featured posting on the “OBL POOL CHAMPIONS” tab of the OBA website.

The 2019-20 OBLX season will also see a new initiative as we look to change the current format of the OBLX division, U13-U19 Boys and Girls will now play in OBL pooling’s before and re-ranking mid-season is preformed and OBLX divisions then created, at which point teams will compete for 8 spots for Provincial Championships.

We thank everyone who, over the last 4 years, has participated and shown their support in creating this all-inclusive league and we look forward to the 2019-20 season and will continue to provide a competitive league structure for all of our membership.

Ontario Basketball Championships

Report prepared by Mike Barbin, Director of Clubs & Competitions

About Ontario Basketball Championships

As an annual culmination to the club basketball season, Ontario Basketball organizes and stages the Ontario Basketball Championships, which are open to all member clubs.

Ontario Basketball Championships is divided into two culminating events. The Provincial Championship is the highest level of competition for OBA clubs. And the Ontario Cup provides a platform for all other teams who do not qualify for the Provincial Championship.

Teams entered into Ontario Basketball Championships are made up of community “rep” and club team programs. Ontario Basketball Championship offers a competitive playing environment by hosting competitions in various divisions for male and female athletes in nine age categories from U10 to U19.


In 2019, there were a total of 848 boy’s teams and 464 girl’s teams competing at the Ontario Basketball Championships.

The consistently increasing participation numbers demonstrate that Ontario Cup is the height of competition for amateur basketball in the province, which is attributed to not only the quality of the tournament but also the quality of the competition. The high level of competition is a direct result of the commitment and dedication of member clubs, coaches, athletes, parents and OBA staff to continue to grow the game of basketball in Ontario.

Competition Structure & Fair Play

Aligning the competition structure with the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model continues to be the number one priority of Ontario Basketball’s Clubs & Competitions department. With the current competition structure, the U10, U11 and U12 age groups continue to experience issues related to compliance with Ontario Basketball’s LTAD-aligned Young Player Rules. That being said, the 2019 Ontario Basketball Championship received fewer protests than previous years. Ontario Basketball will continue to work on parent, coach and club education to fill any gaps that exist for stakeholders to better understand Ontario Basketball’s rules and the rationale for those rules based on LTAD principles.

While it is important to provide a strong competition structure, it is essential that safety is at the forefront of Ontario Cup. Fair play remains as another major focus of Ontario Basketball.

Ranking and Seeding

Ontario Basketball thanks Ranking Chairs Elsa Donovan and Tristan Cave for their support of the ranking and seeding process. Their roles continue to be an essential component in accurately ranking and seeding Ontario Basketball teams, which ensures teams compete in the appropriate divisions at Ontario Cup.

Ontario Basketball also thanks all the coaches who helped during the final ranking meetings. The process would not have been possible without their help.


The OBA i.d. Store remains the year-round destination for Ontario’s basketball community to order merchandise online and get the logo and colour they want on their favourite items of clothing.

Customizable 2019 Provincial Championship and Ontario Cup merchandise, along with other Ontario Basketball gear, is currently available on the OBA i.d. Store, and OBA will work with Entripy to introduce new items and promotions to keep members excited about OBA merchandise.


Serving in the first year of their two-year hosting commitment, Ontario Basketball would like to thank the 2019 Ontario Basketball Championship hosts for their continued dedication and commitment to growing the game of basketball in Ontario. The success of each Championship is due in large part to their efforts.

Ontario Basketball would like to thank the following hosts:

  • Brampton Warriors
  • C2C Sports and Entertainment
  • EOBA/Ottawa Tourism
  • KW Vipers
  • London 86ers
  • London CYO
  • London Gold Medal
  • London Ramblers
  • Malton Mavericks/Toronto Tourism
  • Milton Basketball
  • Sault Ste. Marie Tourism/Sault Steel City Slam
  • Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre*
  • Whitby Wildcats/Durham Tourism
  • Windsor Valiants

*Provincial Championship hosts

Additionally, volunteers continue to be the lifeblood of each tournament. Ontario Basketball cannot thank them enough as the Championship would not be possible without them. The passion and energy that they bring has allowed athletes, coaches and parents to have a positive and exciting experience.

The planning and preparation has already begun as we look forward to the 2021 and 2022 Ontario Basketball Championship. Ontario Basketball will continue to work with host club to continue to provide and bring a better Championship experience. Members can look forward to the integration of other Ontario Basketball programs and events into Championships weekends, creating a festival-like atmosphere in each of the host cities. These additions will include Mega Hoops sessions, coaches clinics, skill competitions and talent ID for players, officiating recruitment, promotions, etc.

Sanctioned Tournaments & Sanctioned Games

During each basketball season, Ontario Basketball sanctions approximately 458 tournaments hosted by affiliated member clubs. The purpose of tournaments being sanctioned by Ontario Basketball is to ensure that the tournament hosts agree to and abide by Ontario Basketball’s rules and policies so that all participating teams experience a standard that meets Ontario Basketball guidelines. Additionally, tournaments must be properly sanctioned in order for Ontario Basketball insurance to be valid.

Beginning in the 2018–19 season, Ontario Basketball implemented a process to sanction exhibition games between affiliated member clubs. Exhibition games must be sanctioned by Ontario Basketball in order for game results to count for rankings and, most importantly, for Ontario Basketball insurance to be valid.

Basketball Development Report

Coach Development

Report prepared by Lindsay Walsh, Senior Director, Basketball Development


The 2018-2019 Ontario Basketball season saw the delivery of National Coaching Certification Programs and evaluations grow in numbers for our coaches. Ontario Basketball continued to offer the FUNdamentals course to community groups and club house leagues, as well as the Learn to Train and Train to Train courses to our coaches who are actively coaching within Ontario Basketball programs.

This season we delivered:

11 FUNdamentals Clinics 115 Coaches Trained
25 Learn to Train Clinics 444 Coaches Trained
10 Train to Train Clinics 91 Coaches Trained


We certified:

173 Learn to Train Coaches
49 Train to Train Coaches

In August of 2019, Ontario Basketball provided each club across the province with a breakdown of the coaches that were currently in our system and where they were at in their certification process. This will be a practice that we will continue as it has been extremely beneficial in assisting clubs in getting their coaches certified at the correct level for the age and stage of competition they coach, as well as keeping open communication with clubs as to where their coaches are along the pathway.

Our goal for the 2019-2020 Coach Development season is to offer, at a minimum, a Learn to Train and Train to Train course in all 12 regions of Ontario. We will also look to work with coaches to get them through the certification process following the course. Additionally, we will be looking to add some Professional Development opportunities to expand the opportunities for coaches to expand their learning and growth, while also obtaining PD Points to maintain their coaching certifications.

Quest for Gold Coach Bursary

Quest for Gold (Q4G) provides education-based subsidies for competitive to high performance coaches, including those at the club, high school and post-secondary level. Q4G is also instrumental in delivering financial assistance to Provincial Sport Organizations for coach training related costs. The program aims to ensure that Ontario’s developmental and high performance athletes receive the best coaching possible by providing a series of enhancement programs and resources for coaches and PSOs. The Q4G Coach Bursary, which is offered through the Coaches Association of Ontario, has been a major support to the training and certification of coaches in Ontario.

This past year, 45 coaches were approved for and received the Q4G coach training bursary, which covers seventy-five percent of course costs. This opportunity will continue to provide for Ontario Basketball coaches through the 2019-2020 season.

Community Development


Ontario Basketball’s community portfolio continued to push the momentum gained from previous years; in 2018–19, OBA ran, facilitated and supported programming for over 10,000 youth across Ontario. With our physical literacy-based curriculum, we delivered Mega Hoops programming through schools and at special events. Through promotion, program delivery, gear and monetary donations, we have supported various organizations and programming that is affecting change in the communities where it is needed most.

Mega Hoops

Mega Hoops continues to be Ontario Basketball’s main grassroots program offered out to our membership. The program has been activated with community groups, clubs and schools. This year we reached approximately 5,000 youth with the program delivering in numerous gyms across the province.

In the spring of 2019 we signed a partnership deal with TDSB to be the exclusive basketball clinic provider for the elementary schools within their board. Ontario Basketball will activate this partnership through 2019 and into 2020 using our newly updated curriculum being delivered by our trained Mega Hoops street team, with the aim of expanding our grassroots basketball delivery.

With this in mind, we are also in the process of diversifying the Mega Hoops delivery model in order to meet the needs of all our current and potential members wanting to grow the game within their communities (i.e., house league & community partners).

Hoops & Spikes

About Hoops & Spikes

Hoops & Spikes is a collaborative program between Ontario Basketball and Ontario Volleyball Association that launched in spring 2016 with the generous support of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. The 12-week program is designed for children ages 6 to 9 and teaches fundamental movement and sports skills through games and experimentation. Hoops & Spikes is a turnkey program, providing hosts with the full curriculum, participant materials, and coach training required to deliver the programming. The program provides participants with the competence and confidence to be active for life not only in basketball and volleyball but in a variety of activities.

Hoops & Spikes 2018–19

Ontario Basketball has provided the Hoops & Spikes program to a number of locations and hundreds of children. Our efforts have been focused on connecting with underrepresented groups such as Indigenous and LGBTQ communities. We continue to promote the importance of promoting physical activity among youth by teaching them basic skills needed for basketball, volleyball, and a variety of sports.

Jr. NBA Youth Basketball

With the amalgamation between NBA Canada’s Jr. NBA Rookie Division and Canada Basketball’s Steve Nash Youth Basketball, the Jr. NBA Youth Basketball Program was born and in full effect this season.

The program was led by 2 Ontario Ambassadors, with the support of Ontario Basketball, and saw 106 programs offer Jr. NBA sessions to their communities.

MLSE Partnership

Over the last few seasons, OBA and MLSE have collaborated to provide awesome opportunities for youth basketball players in Ontario. These opportunities include:

All of these opportunities were well-received by our clubs and community partners. We are grateful for our partnership with MLSE as it allows us to make our connections within the provincial basketball community stronger. We look forward to continuing this partnership during the upcoming season.

OBA Cares

OBA Cares has been put in place to support groups who are doing positive work in their communities by using basketball as a catalyst. In 2018-2019 we have partnered with several groups to assist them in executing their events. Some of the groups we have worked with are:

  • 4 Reasonz
  • Hoops Basketball
  • Lady Ballers
  • Lay-Up Basketball
  • Toronto Community Housing
  • Victory Neighbourhood Services
  • The Esplanade Youth vs Police Tournament
  • E3 Program

We are hoping to continue to work with these partners through the 2019-2020 season and create new relationships with groups through our OBA Cares application form.

Basketball Development

Ontario Summer Development Program

About Ontario Summer Development Program

Ontario Summer Development Program (OSDP) is for U12 and U14 athletes who strive to grow their personal, social, and athletic skills through involvement in programming that emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and learning.

As the landscape of basketball in Ontario changes, so too does our programming, and the rebranding of TIDP to OSDP is a reflection of this new landscape, while also remaining true to the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model. The rebrand is less about programming or structural changes, and more about effectively communicating the nature of the programming that we offer. OSDP is an opportunity to develop the WHOLE person (with camp as a true growth opportunity); talent is not the only outcome or objective.

OSDP provides athletes with a well-rounded basketball experience allowing them to work on their game in the off-season. Training sessions combine the fundamental movement skills of coordination, balance and agility with age-appropriate basketball skills in a fun and inclusive environment. Sport is a training ground for life, and through OSDP, athletes have the opportunity to develop physically, socially, and emotionally by working with new coaches and teammates, learning new skills, and attending overnight camp.

2019 Ontario Summer Development Program

In 2018, OSDP was a success once again! The program attracted well over 700 U12 and U14 Boys and Girls. At regional training, coaches delivered programming focused on fundamental movement and basketball skills to help increase athletes’ confidence and competence.

As always, the success of the program can be attributed to the commitment of our dedicated coaches. Without them, this program would not be possible!

U12 Centralized Camp

For U12 OSDP participants, regional training was followed by centralized overnight camp at Georgian College for the girls from June 30th– July 3rd and the boys from July 3rd–6th. At camp, 200 athletes were exposed to a variety of team concepts, special guests dropped in to offer their basketball expertise and advice to campers, while others worked on the holistic athlete introducing players to new training regiments, goal setting opportunities, and nutrition. Players and coaches also spent time learning how to play international 3×3. Feedback from coaches and parents was overwhelmingly positive.

U14 Centralized Camp

The U14 Girls came up to Barrie and checked into Georgian College July 14th to start their camp experience. Following a similar structure to the U12s, 100 girls participated in skill development with coaches, as well as growing team concepts with Ontario Basketball’s Women’s Technical Lead Agnes Borg. The players had the opportunity to compete in the 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 setting with their regional pod over the course of their camp days. Following the girls camp, 100 U14 boys arrived to have their chance at camp from July 17th-20th. A talented group of hard working young men took camp head on giving all they had in every session. They learned about taking care of their bodies in a session with the camps onsite athletic therapist and spent time learning from OBA’s Men’s Technical Lead, Jason Dawkins, about the skills and the discipline needed to get to the next level of play. The U14 camp experience came back with a lot of positive feedback from players, parents and coaches.


This season the U12 OSDP program will run in early July at Georgian College for girls and boys. Information about registration and coaching opportunities will be released in early 2020 to get pods up and running prior to camp.

The U14s will be attending the Ontario Summer Games in London Ontario! Information about registration and regional try-out dates will also be released in January 2020.



About 3×3

3×3 (pronounced 3-on-3) is a basketball discipline that involves 3 players per team and uses one basket. 3×3 is the most developmentally appropriate form of basketball for young players learning the game. Fewer players on the court means that there is more space for players to move and more opportunities for players to handle the ball. Additionally, athletes control substitutions and timeouts, which decreases their reliance on coaches and increases the opportunity to develop their decision-making skills. There is an international focus on 3×3 development to help promote basketball globally, supported by the 2017 announcement that 3×3 will be a discipline at the 2020 Olympics.

CNE–OBA 3×3 Tournament

Due to the success of the inaugural CNE–OBA 3×3 Basketball Tournament, this years event was a huge success. OBA worked closely with the CNE to promote the event and attract even more teams in the U11, U12 and U13 divisions for both male and female players.

Teams who entered had the opportunity to compete in the Raptors Training Facility, The OVO Centre on Exhibition grounds.

With the recent popularity of 3×3 at the international level, OBA will continue to build 3×3 programs and work with the CNE to continue this amazing event.

Tall Player Project

Ontario Basketball’s Tall Player Project provides specialized training for tall female basketball players. The program is specifically designed to develop skills Canada Basketball has identified as important for tall players to succeed at the international basketball level.

At the highest levels of play, tall players have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the game. For this reason, Ontario Basketball is focusing on encouraging more tall players to not only begin playing basketball but to stay in the game. Too often young tall players drop out at later stages of development.

15 female athletes between the of ages 14 and 17, who met the height requirements participated in 4 tall player training sessions (3 hours each) this past year.

These athletes were given instruction and spent time developing players in Canada Basketball’s four pillars of basketball development: basketball, physical, mental and social-emotional.

High Performance Report

Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA)

Report prepared by Carmelo Mallia, Manager, High Performance

Women’s League

Crestwood Women Win 2019 OSBA Championship

Congratulations to the Crestwood Lions women’s prep basketball team on their 2019 OSBA Championship!

The Crestwood team completed their undefeated season with a tightly-contested Finals victory 71-70 over Capital Courts Academy to keep their perfect record intact.  Crestwood was led by Playoff MVP Aaliyah Edwards and fellow 1st-Team All-Star Shayeann Day-Wilson

Watch the full Final game here.


2019 Merissah Russell Capital Courts Academy


2019 Callie Wright Bill Crothers


2019 Zelmir Stevanovic King’s Christian


2019 Andrea Dodig Caledon Basketball Academy


Shayeann Day-Wilson Crestwood Prep
Brynn Masikewich Lincoln Prep
Aaliyah Edwards Crestwood Prep
Merissah Russell Capital Courts Academy
Sarah Te-Biasu Niagara Prep


Ahriahna Grizzle Bill Crothers
Mide Oriyomi King’s Christian
Makayla Ennis Lincoln Prep
Micah Dennis Capital Courts Academy
Emilie Lafond Lo-Ellen Park Prep


Isabella Belvedere Caledon Basketball Academy
Nicole Chateau Redmond Basketball Academy
Ciante Downs Bill Crothers
Abigail Fawcett Vaughan S.S. Prep
Kaillie Hall Lincoln Prep
Cassie Joli-Coeur Capital Courts Academy
Dylann Mazzuchin Lo-Ellen Park Prep
Jennifer Nkruah Central Tech
Mide Oriyomi King’s Christian
Chloe Peters Niagara Prep
Jadaia Reid Crestwood Prep
Ava Renon Louis Riel
Haley Stinebrickner Southwest Academy
Willo Thomas Durham Elite
Aerial Wilson TRC Academy

OSBA Men’s League

TRC Men Win 2019 OSBA Championship

Congratulations to the TRC Wolfpack out of Brantford on their 2019 OSBA prep high school basketball Championship!

The men from TRC accomplished the second of back-to-back OSBA Championships, with a 104-87 win over Thornlea Prep, after entering the Playoffs as the #3rd seed and overcoming Ridley College in the semi-finals and an injury to star guard Sabry Philip in the opening game.

TRC was led by Playoff MVP Avan Nava, heady point guard play of Darius DeAviero, and spot-on shooting of Adam Francolini as well as the leadership of OSBA Coach of the Year Tyrell Vernon.

Watch the entire Championship game here:



2019 Kobe Elvis Southwest Academy


2019 Alec McGregor Southwest Academy


2019 Tyrell Vernon TRC Academy


2019 Jaden Bediako Ridley College


Kobe Elvis Southwest Academy
Rahmir Moore RISE Prep
Jaden Bediako Ridley College
Miguel Tomley RISE Prep
Luka Sakota King’s Christian


Noah Wharton Ridley College
Keeshawn Barthelemy Thornlea S.S.
Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe Orangeville Prep
Tyler Sagl Lincoln Prep
Tyrese Samuel Orangeville Prep


Brandon Aultman Lincoln Prep
Jayden Anderson Bill Crothers
Thomas Chilton RISE Prep
Daniel Fraulin Athlete Institute Black
Tomi Johnson Ridley College
Wazir Latiff Vaughan S.S. Prep
Lachlan Maudsley Central Tech
Cashius McNeilly Thornlea S.S.
Paris Shand TRC Academy
David Muoka Athlete Institute Red
Cole Newton Southwest Academy
Shemar Rathan-Mayes Orangeville Prep
Rayshawn Scarlett FHC Prep
Coleman Stucke King’s Christian

Team Ontario

About Team Ontario

Team Ontario consists of the top male and female basketball players in the province in the U15 and U17 age categories, and the teams are a continual medal favourite at the annual Canada Basketball National Championships. Team Ontario’s coaching staff also represents some of the top coaches in Ontario. Between the four teams, Team Ontario has won gold at over 70% of the national championships since 2002. In addition to the four provincial teams that compete at Nationals, Ontario Basketball established the U14 Boys and Girls development teams to support the Team Ontario program by preparing young players to compete at the provincial level.

2019 Team Ontario

The U15 and U17 Boys travelled to Fredericton, New Brunswick and the U15 and U17 Girls travelled to Victoria, British Columbia to compete at the 2019 Canada Basketball National Championships.

U15 Boys

  • 2nd Place Finish
  • Jahsemar Olembe (First Team All-Star)
  • Jaiden Cole (First Team All-Star)

U17 Boys

  • 2nd Place Finish
  • Darius DeAveiro (First Team All-Star)
  • Kyle Duke (Second Team All-Star)

U15 Girls

  • 2nd Place Finish
  • Lemyah Hylton (First Team All-Star)
  • Cheyenne Rowe (First Team All-Star)
  • Taija Sta Maria (Second Team All-Star)

U17 Girls

  • 5th Place Finish
  • Jayme Foreman (Second Team All-Star)

Read the full article: Team Ontario Scores Three Silver Medals at 2019 National Championships

Ontario Men’s Success on National Teams

  • OBA’s Men’s Technical Lead, Jason Dawkins, was selected as an Assistant Coach on the CMNT staff.
  • OSBA Head Coach, Charles Hantoumakos (Thornlea SS), was selected as a Team Manager on the CMNT staff.

FIBA U16 Americas Championship 2019

  • 9 of 12 (75%) athletes from Ontario
  • 1 of 12 (8.3%) have competed in the OSBA
  • 6 of 12 (50%) have played Team Ontario
  • Silver Medal

FIBA U19 World Championship 2019

  • 9 of 12 (75%) athletes from Ontario
  • 6 of 12 (50%) have competed in the OSBA
  • 6 of 12 (50%) have played Team Ontario

Ontario Women’s Success on National Team

  • OSBA Head Coach, Fabienne Blizzard (Capital Courts), was selected as an Apprentice Coach/Team Manager for the CWNT.
  • Current OSBA student-athletes Aaliyah Edwards (Crestwood Prep), Merissa Russell (Capital Courts) and former OSBA student-athlete Shaina Pellington (Durham Elite) were selected to the SWNT roster for the European exhibition tour in Belgium.

FIBA U16 Americas Championship 2019

  • 4 of 12 (33%) athletes from Ontario
  • 4 of 12 (33%) have competed in the OSBA
  • 4 of 12 (33%) have played Team Ontario
  • Silver Medal

FIBA U19 World Championship 2019 – Training Camp Roster

  • 8 of 16 (50%) athletes from Ontario
  • 11 of 16 (69%) have competed in the OSBA
  • 6 of 16 (37.5%) have played Team Ontario

Read the full article: Ontario Athletes Impress at Canadian National Team Programs

Quest for Gold Recipients

Full-Card Half-Card
Kaillie Hall Miranda Vanderwal
Andrea Dodig Cheyenne Rowe
Cassandra Joli-Coeur Shantavia Dawkins
Callie Wright Brianna McLeod
Mide Oriyomi Kali Pocrnic
Isabella Zingaro Emily Martindale
Isaline Alexander Alexander Nwagha
Jessica Reid Jahsemar Olembe
Kayla Drummond Justice Prentice
Maggie Besselink Dorile Joseph (DJ) Jackson
Lauren Audino Dylan Kalambay
Jaden Clayton Noah Ngamba
Josiah Davis
Tyler Delevante
Samuel Thomson
Kobe Elvis
Kordell Charles
Darius De Aveiro
Ryan Nembhard
Joshua Primo

Centre for Performance (CP)

13 Girls Regions

  • CP Girls = 195
  • CP Girls Cent = 49

14 Boys Regions

  • CP Boys = 177
  • CP Boys Cent = 86

Marketing & Communications Report


Report prepared by Devin Gray, Manager of Marketing & Communications

Coordinator, Business and Communications, and Coordinator, Digital Media

Ontario Basketball was pleased to welcome Emily Acton to the Communications team in June 2019 in the role of Coordinator, Business and Communications, taking over the role from Katrina Krawec. Emily brings experience from her time spent with the Ontario Hockey Federation and has helped manage the website and fulfil grant writing for applications and reports. Her attention to detail has elevated OBA’s communications across all channels.

Additionally, Yoram Kerbel’s role has grown from Coordinator, Special Projects to Coordinator, Digital Media as he has helped Ontario Basketball, and especially the OSBA, break through with coverage of leagues, development of graphics, and live streaming expertise as well as a much greater role executing social media.


Dairy Farmers of Ontario

The OBL and OBA Provincial Championships received a major boost with the support of the DFO and Recharge with Milk campaign. Ontario Basketball successfully activated our new major sponsors from the Dairy Farmers of Ontario with signage, sampling, and social media branding. About 3600 participants sampled chocolate milk to recharge after their games at Provincial Championships. With some paid promotion the Facebook post celebrating Raptor fan-favourite Danny Green’s visit to the U10 Championship reached over 23,000 people including many parents who were not aware of OBA programming and now want to register their child. The DFO also brought “Cheesy the Cheestring” around to eight Ontario Cup locations to hand out samples of the product and take photos with the athletes as part of the partnership that will expand in the Fall to include the OBL as well as Championships.

Raptors 905

An official partnership was signed and OBA is formalizing a growing working relationship. The Raptors G-League affiliate hosted OBA Day last season and will again this season with signage and special events for OBA club teams. Discounted tickets, ticket giveaways, and promotion of 905 camps and clinics were all part of the agreement.

OBA Day at Ryerson vs Carleton

Ontario Basketball teams flooded the Mattamy Athletic Centre and sold out the men’s and women’s games on January 5th in an event branded “OBA DAY” for the second annual year. The match-up was enticing and helped sell fans on OBA Day that doubled in attendance from last years’ matchups with Nipissing. Teams got to form high-five lines during player intros, leading to our most-engaged message that month: “Role model status achieved.”

Sultan Athletic

Ontario Basketball has partnered with custom jersey manufacturer Sultan Athletic, naming them the official custom jersey partner of OBA and encourage teams to purchase their uniforms from Sultan. Ontario Basketball gets a promotion fee and a kick-back for every jersey sold to OBA clubs that adds a revenue stream not previously held. Sultan Athletic makes fully custom solutions for teams at reasonable prices that will help club teams with their branding and set them apart when they walk in the gym.

Media Partnerships

One way that Ontario Basketball is growing perceptions of our leagues and programs is investing in media services and partnerships including a signed agreement with Universal Hoops for video mixtapes, On Point Basketball for event coverage, and the Ryerson University GSX Lab media production students for mini-documentaries of OSBA Game of the Week games. Photographers are also being hired to cover seven OBL weekends. This will allow OBA to leverage content across social media and raise awareness and the profile of our teams and leagues.

Campaigns & Activations

Nike Crown in the Park

A surprise event by Nike and Foot Locker that Ontario Basketball helped facilitate by finding and registering last-minute participants. Through OBA’s efforts there were 160 OBA players registered for the three-day tournament that took place in Scarborough and Mississauga, Aug 9-11. Participants at Crown in the Park were mostly OBA members and all received Nike gear packages and engaged in the Nike experience.

MilkUp Trophy Tour

To help Ontario Basketball tip off the 2019-20 season, our partners at the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and MLSE brought the MilkUp Trophy Tour to Humber College for the OSBA Preseason Showcase. The Raptors’ championship trophy (Larry OB) will be on-site with interactive activities and a chance to take photos like the Champs, plus pop-a-shot games and chocolate milk for all the participants. It’s a fruitful collaboration between several partners and a fun way to elevate the OSBA event and increase attendance.

OnSpot $20k+

Ontario Basketball’s partnership with OnSpot apparel to customize and sell Championship and Ontario Cup clothing was fruitful again in 2019, the second full year of the partnership. Along with adding a third venue every weekend for Provincials in Scarborough to the two existing Ontario Cup locations, and a more streamlined process, the proceeds from clothing sales jumped from $38k to $58k over last season.


Communications coverage of National Championships

OBA sent, for the first time, members of the communications team to both boys’ and girls’ CB National Championships. This on-site presence provided better than ever coverage including photos, video, social media, and up-to-the-minute graphics. As part of the coverage OBA invested in a second digital camera that will help capture content throughout the year when games take place concurrently in multiple locations.

Web Development

The new web page for Find a Team launched with much more detail and searchability than previously available. Now when you search a region you can find the club name, region, city, link to website, and under More Info parents can find contact information for each club. This section will grow in the future but now offers an upgrade and removes barriers for those previously unable to find a team.

A new resource on the OBA website is the What We Do page – a one-stop shop for those wondering what exactly is Ontario Basketball and to send to interested parties.

Learn to Referee Basketball video

Ontario Basketball’s Director, Basketball Development Lindsay Walsh starred in an educational video on two-person refereeing mechanics which has been viewed 4000 times since its launch just 5 months ago. Working with Tynan Studio to complete the interviews, videography and animations led to a professional product being used across the country and beyond. It is being used by OBA as an educational tool and enticement for potential referees and an extension of the ongoing #GrabAWhistle campaign.

Media Days

Each of Ontario Basketball’s four Team Ontario teams (U15 and U17 Boys and Girls) and U14 development teams went through the media day experience getting headshots and action shots as well as interviews for slected athletes. All athletes attending received Nike shorts to commemorate their respective Media Day. Additionally OBA hosted Media Day sessions for all 28 of the OSBA teams including headshots, action shots and interviews over a three-day period for the OSBA Preseason Showcase which will provide extensive resources for media and graphics for the 2019-20 season that were missing last season without the opportunity.


Ontario Basketball has now developed an OBA LinkedIn page to better share basketball opportunities including job postings and internships as well as to network in the professional realm.

Accessibility & Inclusion Report

Accessibility & Inclusion Initiatives

Report prepared by Emily Acton, Coordinator of Business & Communications

Same Game: A Model for Embedding Gender Equity into Your Organization (2017 – 2020)

Ontario Basketball has joined on for the Same Game Model, in collaborations with Brock University’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) and Ontario Soccer.

Researchers from Brock University are engaging with nine community sport organizations, through which data will be collected and analyzed to better understand the reliability and validity of the model for embedding gender equity into a sport organization. Senior Director of Basketball Development Lindsay Walsh is leading OBA’s participation in the initiative.

Youth 3×3 Officiating Development Program

The 2017-19 MTCS Ontario Sport & Recreation Communities Fund supported Ontario Basketball’s Youth 3×3 Officiating Development Program. This program taught the basics of basketball officiating to young people across the province. The program sought to engage underrepresented communities in Ontario.

As a result, of the 182 participants, 73 were female (40%) and 65 participants were from ethnic, Francophone and Indigenous communities (36%). The program also made use of provincial referee evaluators, of 7 of 10 in year two of the program were female (70%). Additionally, of these seven, two were Francophone and one was a visible minority.

Ontario Basketball continues to work diligently to engage typically underrepresented groups in our basketball programming.