Tall girls-only training session in January

Are you or one of the athletes on your team a tall girl?

Ontario Basketball’s Tall Player Project is designed to identify tall female athletes starting at age 11.

The project also provides specialized training for tall girls ages 14 to 17 focused on developing skills that will help them succeed at the international level. The Tall Player Project addresses some of the challenges that young, tall female athletes face and encourages them to stay in the game so they can reach their full potential.

Details for the third Tall Player Project training session for the 2018–19 season are below.

Tall Player Project Training Session #3

Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Time: 12:00–3:00 p.m.
Location: Terry Miller Recreation Centre (1295 Williams Pkwy, Brampton)

Eligibility: Female athletes ages 14 to 17 who meet the height requirements outlined in the Tall Player Identification table

Registration: Contact Agnes Borg to be identified for the Tall Player Project


About the Tall Player Project
Ontario Basketball’s Tall Player Project focuses on identifying and supporting tall female basketball players. Tall players often face unique circumstances that can limit their skill development and success, which may lead them to drop out from the sport. The Tall Player Project encourages these athletes to stay in the game and helps them develop skills Canada Basketball has identified as important for tall players to succeed at the international basketball level.