Ontario Basketball launches Centre for Sport Innovation and Inclusion

Ontario Basketball is excited to announce the launch of the Centre for Sport Innovation and Inclusion (CSII) in partnership with Abilities Centre and Rugby Ontario. On Friday, June 1, the three organizations hosted an event to launch the CSII to help promote accessible and inclusive sport throughout Ontario.

The event featured speakers from organizations involved with the initiative including Abilities Centre, Ontario Basketball, Rugby Ontario, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and Ontario Trillium Foundation. Eighty local elementary students from grades 1–2 were in attendance to listen to the speakers and to participate in accessible basketball and rugby activities.

The Centre for Sport Innovation and Inclusion has been introduced to encourage provincial sports organizations to adapt their facilities, programming and regulations to increase participation by people of all ages and abilities. Through the support of a $120,000 Ontario150 Community Capital Program grant awarded in early 2017 and administered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation as well as support from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, Abilities Centre, home of the offices of both Ontario Basketball and Rugby Ontario, has implemented changes to their facility, including six adjustable basketball nets, to meet the ever-growing needs of the community.


About Ontario Basketball
Ontario Basketball is the sport governing body for basketball in the province of Ontario. Ontario Basketball was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1977, but its history dates back to over 80 years ago. Ontario Basketball represents amateur basketball interests in the province and oversees basketball development through the provision of programs and services aimed at meeting the needs of the evolving provincial, national and global basketball landscape. For more information, visit https://basketball.on.ca.

About Abilities Centre
Abilities Centre is operated and incorporated as a charitable, not‐for‐profit organization. Today, it is a 125,000 square foot innovative “Community Hub” where people of all ages and abilities enrich their lives by engaging in social and health programs. Located in Whitby, Ontario, Abilities Centre delivers sports, fitness, arts, research, education, health and life‐skills opportunities. The Centre is focused on bringing together families, friends and neighbours in a spirit of inclusion and possibility. For more information, visit www.abilitiescentre.org.

About Ontario Trillium Foundation
Administered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, Ontario150 Community Capital Program grants have helped nonprofits, municipalities and Indigenous communities renovate, repair and retrofit existing community and cultural infrastructure. For more information, visit www.otf.ca.

Quick Facts

  • The Centre for Sport Innovation and Inclusion will create formal relationships between sport organizations to support key areas such as programming and coach and official development.
  • The CSII will work in collaboration with community groups that serve diverse populations and identify strategies that support sport participation opportunities for children who have traditionally not had equitable access to these opportunities.
  • The organizations currently involved with the CSII include: Ontario Basketball, Abilities Centre, Rugby Ontario, Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association and Wheelchair Basketball Canada.
  • The Centre for Sport Innovation and Inclusion will decrease both physical and systemic barriers in sport participation at all stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model by leveraging the expertise of each CSII partner.