Gyms for Kids

Gyms for Kids distributes $44,500 in gym rental reimbursements to 82 club teams

Ontario Basketball is pleased to announce that the Gyms for Kids (GFK) Committee will distribute a total of $44,500 to 82 member club teams across 9 regions of Ontario.

OBA’s Gyms for Kids Committee was created to improve and facilitate access to gyms for OBA member clubs. Funding was made available to offset the costs of bookings for practice facilities made prior to the most recent province-wide lockdown. OBA affiliated club teams who registered for the 2020-21 season were eligible for GFK reimbursement.

Ontario Basketball would like to thank all GFK Committee members for their hard work to make this happen: Barbara Capes & Mike Quigley, who represented the OBA Board of Directors*, and Vanessa Lodge, Rachelle Abella, James Campbell, Kevin Barnes, and Jason Hope, who participated as Membership Representatives. *Claude Nembhard was also involved with GFK as a Board member, but stepped down after being named Executive Director.

OBA looks forward to seeing our members back on the court when it is safe to do so!