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The Ontario Basketball Development Fund (OBDF) has been established to help support Ontario Basketball programs that are underfunded (Regional Training, Centre for Performance, Development Camps, etc.) and athletes that might be experiencing financial limitations. Help us remove barriers that set limits on the ability to play by making a donation today.
Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) has partnered with Camda Sports Foundation Canada,, for the issuance of tax receipts related to donations (cash-gifts) in support of a specific program or in support of all OBA programs.
Overview of donation regulations:
A charity cannot issue an official donation receipt in the name of anyone but the true donor. Receipts will be only issued for donations greater than $50.00. The donation must be given freely. If a donation is made as a result of a contractual or other obligation (for example, a court order), it is not eligible for a receipt.
A donation subject to the general direction from the donor that the gift be used in a particular program operated by the qualified donee is acceptable, provided that no benefit accrues to the donor or anyone not at arm’s length to the donor. Donors cannot choose the specific beneficiaries of their donations, but can still give to a particular program once the charity has identified a beneficiary. The qualified donee must be able to reallocate the donated funds within the program as it deems appropriate. If the donor retains too much control, the donation will no longer be considered a gift at law and an official donation receipt cannot be issued.

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Note: This option is only available for individuals making a donation of $50 or more to Ontario Basketball.