Ontario Basketball establish Diversity Advisory Committee

Ontario Basketball is seeking a diverse segment of our membership to help advise on inclusion initiatives and to continue to prevent discrimination of any kind on our courts.

The Diversity Advisory Committee is a volunteer Sub-Committee that reports through the Board appointed Committee Co-Chair to the Board of Directors of Ontario Basketball (OBA).

The Committee’s role is to recommend to the Board of Directors strategies focused on policy, programming and promotional initiatives that educate and raise awareness around diversity in basketball.

The Committee will be composed of a maximum of seven (7) individuals appointed by the Board of Directors. A quorum of Committee members will be a majority of Committee members.

Committee members must include:

  • Co-Chair – appointed Board Director
  • Co-Chair – basketball community representative
  • Nominations Committee representative
  • Officials representative
  • District representative
  • Member clubs representative (2)

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee has the following key duties and responsibilities:

  • Review OBA Articles, Bylaws, Policies and Operational Procedures and recommend amendments to the Board of Directors in the areas of diversity and inclusion.
  • Recommend best practices or new strategic initiatives for OBA and its membership to ensure the effects of systemic barriers are eliminated.
  • Support the Nominations Committee in their respective recruitment processes to achieve suitable representation of designated and underrepresented groups for the OBA Board of Directors.
  • Provide recommendations to the Executive Director on the removal of any barriers in employment, through established practices in recruitment, hiring and training and will encourage promotional practices that will foster a climate of equity.
  • Research funding opportunities (grants) to support projects and promotional activities.

All committee members must come from within OBA’s membership with experience and perspective coming from all levels of the game with a minimum gender representation of 40% female as well as representation of visible minorities.

The ability to think provincially and work strategically, collaboratively and objectively is key criterion for each committee member to make unbiased decisions that are best for all of Ontario as well as knowledge, expertise or interest regarding principles of diversity, inclusion and human rights issues in the community.

Those who wish to express their interest should send a brief summary of their qualifications and reason for application to Jason Jansson.