2016 Minutes

Ontario Basketball Annual Meeting of Members

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at Abilities Centre (Whitby)

Approved at 2017 Annual Meeting of Members on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at Abilities Centre (Whitby)

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Parliamentarian Bob Borden at 12:50 p.m.

2. Opening Remarks (President)

Greg Verner thanked everyone he worked with in his 12-year tenure on the Ontario Basketball (OBA) Board of Directors, including OBA’s Executive Director and staff and current and former Board members, with special mention of former President, Ken Urbach. Verner reviewed changes that have occurred over the course of his time on the Board, and he acknowledged OBA’s recent accomplishments, including the launches of the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association and Ontario Basketball League, and successful Ontario players, including Andrew Wiggins and Kia Nurse. Verner also encouraged OBA members to not just point out problems they see but to actively work to solve them.

3. Appointment of Scrutineers (Parliamentarian)

Mike Selliah and Nicola Venosa were appointed as scrutineers.

4. Report of Scrutineers (Parliamentarian)

The scrutineers reported that there were 103 votes in the room.

5. Approval of Agenda

The following two items were added to the agenda:

  • Approval of the minutes from the Annual Meeting of Members on November 7, 2014 (added to item #7)
  • Approval of the audited financial statements from August 31, 2015 (added to item #10.2)

Additionally, the election (previously item #12) was shifted to take place earlier in the meeting (item #6).

6. Election

The four Board of Directors candidates who were present at the meeting, Sylvester Murray, Mike Quigley, John Rocchi, and Stephanie Rudnick, gave brief speeches to review their qualifications to be members of the Board of Directors. Regent John Lovett informed the audience that Sunday Eniojukan and Erica Gavel were not present because they were attending basketball tournaments and that Board of Directors candidate, Sam Hill, withdrew his nomination.

7. Minutes of Last Meetings – Annual Meeting of Members (November 7, 2014 and October 31, 2015)

The members were asked to review the minutes of the 2014 and 2015 Annual Meeting of Members and bring any corrections forward. Darlene White provided an amendment to item #9 in the 2015 minutes.

8. Approval of Minutes

After White’s amendment to the 2015 minutes [.pdf] was captured, Borden announced that the 2015 minutes were approved. With no corrections brought forward for the 2014 minutes, Borden announced that the 2014 minutes were approved as printed.

9. Business Arising out of the Minutes

There was no business arising out of the minutes.

10. Board & Program Committee Reports

I. Executive Committee (President)

Verner indicated that his sentiments were shared in his Opening Remarks.

II. Finance Committee (Director of Finance or Designate)

  • Report of the Auditors

Jansson reported another successful financial year for the organization, and the surplus generated will be used, in part, to replenish OBA’s contingency fund. Jansson also explained that Day & Day Chartered Professional Accountants merged with MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation and will operate going forward as MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation. As such, the financial statements of Ontario Basketball were audited by MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2016.

  • Appointment of Auditors

Motion: To appoint auditors MacNeill Edmundson for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2017.

Moved by Ken Urbach, Seconded by Joe Spineto, CARRIED

11. Staff Reports

I. Presentation of Ontario Basketball Annual Report

Jason Jansson announced that Ontario Basketball’s 2015-16 Annual Report was posted online on Thursday, November 3, 2016. The membership had no questions with respect to the report.

II. Sport Recognition Policy/Governance

Jansson summarized the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s new Sport Recognition Policy and the requirements it places on provincial sport organizations to be recognized as the governing body of a sport in Ontario. Jansson also described potential changes to Ontario Basketball’s By-Law, such as a mandatory annual club presidents’ meeting, to align with the Sport Recognition Policy and Ontario’s forthcoming Not-for-Profit Act.

12. Notice of Motions

There were no motions for discussion or adoption.

13. Announcement of Directors (Chair, Nominating Committee)

Lovett announced Erica Gavel, Mike Quigley (Incumbent), John Rocchi, and Stephanie Rudnick (Incumbent) as the successful candidates of the Board of Directors election.

14. Motion to Destroy Ballots (Chair, Nominating Committee)

Motion: To destroy the 2016 election ballots.

Moved by Joe Spineto, Seconded by Peter Jones, CARRIED

15. New Business

There was a discussion among those in attendance regarding concussion education as well as Ontario Basketball’s Transfer Policy and the potential to use the annual transfer data as a club assessment and feedback mechanism.

16. Closing Remarks (President)

Verner acknowledged OBA’s Ministry representative, Barbara Lyon-Stewart, for her presence at the meeting and thanked her for her support of the organization. Verner wished everyone a great basketball season. Subsequently, Stephanie Rudnick thanked Verner for his years of service on the OBA Board and presented him with a plaque. Lastly, Jansson thanked everyone in attendance, and specifically recognized Lyon-Stewart, legal counsel, John Wilkinson, and president of Ontario Association of Basketball Officials (OABO), Jaime McCaig. Jansson also thanked outgoing Board member, Sam Hill, for his contributions to the Board of Directors.

17. Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the 2016 Annual Meeting of Members.

Moved by Ken Urbach, Seconded by Joe Spineto, CARRIED


Members in Attendance

Ken UrbachBarrie Royals
Jim PetropoulosOlympia Sports Camp
Darlene WhiteYork North Basketball Association
Darryl BurkeYork North Basketball Association
Jaime McCaigOntario Association of Basketball Officials
Paul PearsonEtobicoke Rams
Don SlingerEtobicoke Rams
Peter JonesScarborough Basketball Association
Jason DawkinsOntario Basketball
Michael ReioBasketball World Toronto
Joel Del CarmenBasketball World Toronto
David ErringtonBoard of Directors
Sylvester MurraySouth Simcoe Basketball Club
Jeff GiovanattiSteel City Slam
John RocchiBlessed Sacrament Yellow Jackets
Jackie EdwardsKingston Impact Basketball Club
Chris EastonNorth Toronto Basketball Association
Sam HillBoard of Directors
Cleveland ClunisEast Toronto Basketball Association
Kevin BarndMississauga Monarchs
Mike QuigleyBoard of Directors/KW Youth Basketball (Vipers)
Stephanie RudnickBoard of Directors/Toronto JCC
Greg VernerBoard of Directors/Orangeville Hawks
Sam MoncadaBoard of Directors/Scarborough Basketball Association
David CoulthardBoard of Directors
Joe SpinetoYork South Silver Knights
John LovettBoard of Directors