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Quest for Gold

Ontario Basketball is pleased to announce a final list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2016-17 Quest for Gold Ontario Athlete Assistance Program. This program provides support to Ontario’s amateur high performance athletes.

The athletes nominated were selected using the sport-specific selection criteria [.pdf] developed by Ontario Basketball, approved by the Board of Directors and applied by the Selection Committee.  

The final list of athletes nominated for an Ontario Card, including alternates, is below.

Full Card

Eric Beckett
Jama Bin-Edward
Joel Brown
Tiarra Davis
Laura Donovan
Makayla Ennis
Kaillie Hall
Joshua Hemmings
Benjamin Hendriks
Emanuel Miller
Kate Moran
Christina Morra
Kylee O'Hara
Addison Patterson
Liam Rietschin
Merissah Russell
Luka Sakota
Keishana Washington
Noah Wharton
Aerial Wilson

Full Card Alternates

Johnathan Avgousti
Malcom Bailey
Andrea Dodig
Aaliyah Edwards
Mide Oriyomi
Justice Prentice
Ben Shoveller
Maryama Tukstra

Half Card

Johnathan Avgousti
Malcom Bailey
Khaleem Bennett
Micah Dennis
Andrea Dodig
Kyle Duke-Simpson
Aaliyah Edwards
Jada Grannum
Mide Oriyomi
Justice Prentice
Ben Shoveller
Maryama Tukstra

Half Card Alternates

Isaline Alexander
Darius DeAveiro
Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe


Carmelo Mallia


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