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U14 Girls & Boys OSDP

U14 Ontario Summer Development Program (OSDP)

The U14 Ontario Summer Development Program (OSDP) is for athletes who strive to grow their personal, social and athletic skills through involvement in programming that emphasizes teamwork, leadership and learning. OSDP is the latest iteration of Ontario Basketball’s Talent Identification and Development Program (TIDP). As the landscape of basketball in Ontario changes, so too does our programming - and the rebranding of TIDP to OSDP is a reflection of this new landscape, while also remaining true to the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model. The rebrand is less about programming or structural changes, and more about effectively communicating the nature of the programming that we offer. OSDP is an opportunity to develop the WHOLE person (with camp as a true growth opportunity) - talent is not the only outcome or objective.

OSDP provides athletes with a well-rounded basketball experience allowing them to work on their game in the offseason. Training sessions combine the fundamental movement skills of coordination, balance and agility with age-appropriate basketball skills in a fun and inclusive environment. Sport is a training ground for life, and through OSDP (working with new coaches and teammates, learning new skills, and attending camp) athletes have the opportunity to develop physically, socially and emotionally.  

The province is divided, for OSDP training purposes, into 12 regions. However, we have not had complete participation from all 12 regions in recent years. The goal for 2017 is to have 10 regions run training session pods across the province. Regional participation will be contingent on coach interest/availability as well as participant numbers. We will endeavour to facilitate training sessions in regions that have a maximum number of participants (20). This might mean that certain well-populated regions may have more than one training session pod.

 We encourage ALL athletes to try out and benefit from different coaching styles, teammates, and experiences. 

The Program has 3 Stages:

1. Open Tryouts

Tryout information and program locations will be posted below. From the open tryouts, 20 athletes will be selected to train as a group.

Tryouts are open to athletes born in or after 2003.

2. Training Sessions

The 20 selected athletes will train for 30 hours as a group in a training session pod. Training dates will vary by region and will be set by the coach. Coaches will deliver programming that builds fundamental movement and basketball skills that align with the LTAD Model. The training environment will emphasize learning and fun with skill progressions for Train to Train athletes.

Cost for Training: $300 ($10/hour)

3. Centralized Camp

10 athletes from each training session pod will be selected from the 20 to attend an overnight camp. At camp, athletes will be exposed to a variety of team concepts and special guests will drop in to offer their expertise and advice to all campers. Camp is an excellent opportunity for athletes to learn and grow on and off the court!

In an effort to continue to improve our programming and the experience for our athletes, OSDP camps in 2017 will be held at Athlete Institute (AI) in Mono, Ontario. AI is a top end high-performance facility that will provide a unique basketball experience for athletes and coaches alike. In addition to the indoor facilities (including a full gym, a half-court with shooting machine, and a complete athletic therapy clinic), athletes will have access to a turf field (dome), outdoor soccer field, and three outdoor basketball courts. Our programming will expand to include more and diverse, new activities as a result of the increased number of amenities. Our athletes will also be the only guests on the premises during camp and will enjoy the safety, security and bonding experiences that come with exclusive access.

Cost for Camp: $375 ($107/day for meals, accommodation, training)

Camp Dates: July 16th - 19th (U14 Girls), July 19th - 22th (U14 Boys)

For all OSDP inquiries, please contact Marlon Piedrahita 

Financial difficulty should not be a barrier to participation. Ontario Basketball wants to give every athlete the opportunity to participate in both the regional training and, if selected, the overnight camp. For financial assistance, please visit the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Website.

NOTE: Athletes that do not have an OSD program in their region are free to tryout for a training session pod in another region. These athletes will automatically be granted an exemption but will nonetheless have to submit an Exemption Form to Marlon Piedrahita.


Open Tryout Dates

 U14 Girls Open Tryouts

*Pre-registration is for regions expecting a large turnout. Please pre-register if your region shows a link. Thanks!


Region          Coach        Date Time  Location

  St. Clair, Kawartha, Central West & Mountain




Athletes in these regions are free to tryout for a training session pod in another region. Please submit an Exemption Form to Marlon Piedrahita.

HC- Susan Fawcett

AC- Josee Belanger  

 Tryout #1- Sunday, April 2nd


 Tryout #2- Monday, April 10th

(Registration - 9:00am)

Tryout #1- 9:30am-11:45am 


Tryout #2- 6:00pm-8:00pm


Tryout #1- O'Gorman Intermediate 
(490 MacLean Drive, Timmins)



     Tryout #2-  MacLeod P.s. (23 Walford Rd, Sudbury ) 


HC- Haley Finn 

AC- Joey Pipicelli 


Tryout #1- Monday, April 24 


Tryout #2- Wednesday, April 26th

(Registration 6:30pm-7:00pm)

Tryout #1 -7:00pm-8:30pm 


Tryout #2 - 7:00pm-8:30pm

Carling Heights Optimist Centre 
(656 Elizabeth St)

Central East 


HC- Joe Kenkel

AC- Matt Sepkowski


Tryout #1-Wednesday April 26th 

Tryout #2-Sunday April 30th                    

Tryout #1


Tryout #2

Tryout #1 - St Maximillian Kolbe High School 278 Wellington St E, Aurora, 

Tryout #2 - Sir William Mulock High School  705 Columbus Way, Newmarket

 *Please Bring A Ball*

Central East



Tryout #1- April 18th


Tryout #2- April 25th 




Ellesmere Community Centre, (20 Canadian Road, Scarborough)


HC- Harry Jaipersaud 

AC- Jody Brown

Tryout #1- Friday, April 21st

Tryout #2- Friday, April 28th

Tryout #3- Wednesday, May 3rd 

*Please bring a reversible jersey and basketball to all tryouts*

Tryout #1 - 7:00pm-10:00pm

Tryout #2 - 7:00pm-10:00pm

Tryout #3 - 7:00pm-10:00pm 

Register for tryout HERE 

All Tryouts
Glenview Park Secondary School
(55 McKay Street,Cambridge - Glenview Upper Gym)


HC- Dave Picton  

    For more information CLICK HERE
South Simcoe

HC- Jeff Dockeray

*Please bring a reversible jersey and basketball to tryouts*
May 18th 
*Please bring a reversible jersey and basketball to tryouts*
Tryout #2-
Georgian College Athletic Centre, Barrie


St. Lawrence 




HC - Rob White 

 AC - Mike Kirby

(Belleville Trenton area)




Tryout #1 - Sunday April 23

Tryout #2 - Monday April 24



Tryout #1 - (Registration 10AM - 10:30AM)
10:30AM - 12:30PM

Tryout #2 - 6:30PM - 8:30PM

 Tryout #1 Location: 
Bayridge Secondary School (1059 Taylor-Kidd Blvd, Kingston)

Tryout #2 Location:
St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School (135 Adam St, Belleville)

*Tryouts are closed - players only*

St. Lawrence 


HC- Terry McDonald 

(Brockville Cornwall area)

Tryout #1- Saturday April 22nd

Tryout #2- Sunday April 23rd 

Tryout#3- Wednesday, April 26th

Tryout #1 - 10:00am-12:00pm 

Tryout #2 - 1:30pm-3:30pm 

Tryout #3- 6:30-8:30pm

 Tryout #1 Location:
Brockville Collegiate Institute
(90 Pearl St E,Brockville)

Tryout #2 Location:
Rothwell-Osnabruck School
(1 College St, Ingleside)

Tryout #3- St. Lawrence High School
1450 Second Street East, Cornwall

 *Tryouts are closed to players only*


HC- Lauren Carey

AC- Blair Richardson 

 Tryout #1
April 22nd

Tryout #2
April 24th

 Tryout #1-

Tryout #2 - 

Tryout #1
824 Brookfield Rd, 
Ottawa, ON K1V 6J3

Tryout #2
St. Mark's Catholic High School
1040 Dozois Rd,
Manotick, ON


U14 Boys Open Tryouts
*Programs with an expected high turnout for tryouts will have a pre-registration link. 

Region          Coach        Date Time  Location

St. Clair/Capital/Central West/Huron






Athletes in these regions are free to tryout for a training session pod in another region. Please submit an Exemption Form to Marlon Piedrahita.

 HC - Mitch Mazzuca


AC - Ed Picco

Please Bring a reversible jersey and basketball to all tryouts*

Tryout #1- Friday, May 5th

Tryout #2- Saturday,May 6th

Tryout #3- Saturday May 6th

 Tryout #1:(Registration-6:00pm)

Tryout #2: 10:00am-12:00pm 

Tryout #3: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury ON P3E 2C6

Central East (NIGEL)

HC - Brad Matsugu

AC - Nigel Hunte


*Please bring a reversible jersey and basketball to all tryouts*

 Tryout #1-  Monday, April 24th

Tryout #2-  Wednesday, April 26th

Tryout#3-  Monday, May 1st

8:30pm-10:30pm (Registration @ 8:00pm)

Tryout #2:
7:00pm-10:00pm  (Registration @ 6:30pm)

 Tryout #3
7:00pm-9:00pm (Registration @ 6:45pm)


Crescent School - fieldhouse

(2365 Bayview Ave, Toronto) 

Register for Tryouts HERE

 Central East (GREG)

HC - Brad Matsugu

AC - Greg Dick

*Please bring a reversible jersey and basketball to all tryouts*

 Tryout #1 - Monday, April 24

Tryout #2 - Wednesday, April 26

Tryout #3 - Monday, May 1 

Tryout #1 8:30pm-10:30pm (Registration @ 8:00pm)

Tryout #2 7:00pm-10:00pm  (Registration @ 6:30pm) 

Tryout #3 7:00pm-9:00pm (Registration @ 6:45pm)

Crescent School - Fieldhouse

(2365 Bayview Ave, Toronto)

Register for Tryouts HERE 



HC - Ryan Bratkovic


Tryout#1- Tuesday May 9th  

Tryout# 2- Friday May 12th


Tryout#1- 6:30pm-8:30pm 

Tryout# 2-7:30pm-9:30pm  

 Tryout #1-Forest Heights Collegiate Institute (255 Fischer-Hallman Road, Kitchener)

Tryout #2- Huron Heights Secondary School (1825 Strasburg Road, Kitchener)



 HC - Harbir Bains

AC - Craig Wicken

Tryout#1- Tuesday May 9th  

Tryout# 2- Friday May 12th

 Tryout#1- 6:30pm-8:30pm 

Tryout# 2-7:30pm-9:30pm 

Tryout #1-Forest Heights Collegiate Institute (255 Fischer-Hallman Road, Kitchener)

Tryout #2- Huron Heights Secondary School (1825 Strasburg Road, Kitchener)


HC- Ryan Craven


AC - Will Luck

*Please bring basketball & reversible jersey to tryouts*

Tryout #1
Saturday April 29th 

Tryout #2
Sunday April 30th

 Tryout #1

Tryout #2

Annunciation of our Lord Catholic Elementary School

250 Limeridge Rd W, Hamilton, ON L9C 2V2 

HC- Miguel Grande 

Tryout #1- Thursday, May 4th 

Tryout #2- Monday, May 8th

Tryout# 3- Thursday, May 11th 

Tryout #1
Registration (6:30pm)

Tryout #2 Registration (6:30pm)

Tryout #3-(Time TBD)

Tryout #1- Brock University
Bob Davis Gym (Main Gym) 

Tryout #2 - Brock University
Bob Davis Gym (Main Gym)  

Tryout #3 - Brock University

Bob Davis Gym (Main Gym)
South Simcoe

HC: Dwight Robbins

AC:Sylvester Murray

Tryout #1-Thursday, April 13th

Tryout #2- Wednesday, April 26th 

Tryout #1: 7:00 pm-8:45 pm

Tryout #2:
7:00 pm-8:45 pm 

Tryout #1: Nottawasaga Pines Secondary School: 8505 County Rd 10

Tryout #2: Bradford DHS: 70 Professor Day Dr


HC Deluxshan Pathmanathan


AC - Herold Excellent  

Tryout #1- Wednesday, April 12th  

Tryout # 2- Wednesday, April 19th


Tryout #1 (Registration-8:30) 

 Tryout #2 9:15pm-10pm

Whitby Abilities Center 

55 Gordon St

St. Lawrence

 HC - Doug Cross

Tryout #1- Sunday, April 30th


Tryout #2- Sunday, May 7th 


   Queens ARC Main Gym
(284 Earl St, Kingston)




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