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Ontario Basketball 
c/o Abilities Centre
55 Gordon Street, Suite 2A
Whitby, ON  L1N 0J2


Phone: 416-477-8075
Fax: 416-477-8120


 Board of Directors

Stephanie Rudnick

Mike Quigley
Vice President

David Coulthard

David Errington

Erica Gavel 

Sam Moncada

John Rocchi 

John Lovett


Professional Staff

The day-to-day operations of Ontario Basketball are managed by our professional staff.

Jason Jansson
Executive Director
416-477-8075 ext. 202
Liaison to Board of Directors, Operational Planning / Management, HR, Finances, PR, Marketing

Business Development, Finance, Marketing & Communications

Trina Savoie
Director, Business and Finance
416-477-8075 ext. 204
Finance, Office Management

Devin Gray
Manager, Marketing and Communications
416-477-8075 ext. 217
Marketing, Sponsorships, Merchandise, OBA i.d. StoreCommunications, Social Media, Media Requests, Donation Requests

Katrina Krawec
Coordinator, Business and Communications
416-477-8075 ext. 212
Communications, Website*, The Basketball StoreAnnual Meeting of Members, Hall of Fame, Volunteers

*Please direct questions about logging into SportSavvy, team registration, and inputting game scores to Emerson Molina, Coordinator of Membership Services.

Basketball Development

Lindsay Walsh
Director, Basketball Development
416-477-8075 ext. 203
Technical Direction, Officiating Development, Coaching Development, Community Development, Elite Development

Community Development

Marlon Piedrahita
Coordinator, Community Development
416-477-8075 ext. 216
Development programming (Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train), Mega Hoops, Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB), Hoops & Spikes, Ontario Summer Development Program (OSDP) (formerly Talent Identification Development Program/TIDP)3x3

High Performance

Carmelo Mallia
Manager, High Performance
416-477-8075 ext. 207
Team Ontario, Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS), Centre for Performance (CP), Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA), Quest for Gold - Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP)

Linh Nguyen
Coordinator, High Performance
416-477-8075 ext. 214
Team Ontario, Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS), Centre for Performance (CP), Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA)

Coaching Development

Mike Selliah
Manager, Coaching Development
416-477-8075 ext. 208
Coaching Certification, Coaching Clinics, Coaching Conferences

Nicola Venosa
Administrator, National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
416-477-8075 ext. 205
National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Officiating Development

Bruce Covert
Manager, Officiating Development
Officiating Development Programs and Camps

Clubs & Competitions

Mike Barbin
Director, Clubs and Competitions
416-477-8075 ext. 210
Member Clubs, Provincial Championships, Team Registration, Sanctioned Tournaments

Club Development

Vasim Kapadia
Coordinator, Club Development
416-477-8075 ext. 213
Provincial Championships, Team Registration, Transfer Policy

Emerson Molina
Coordinator, Membership Services
416-477-8075 ext. 215
Provincial Championships, Team Registration, Sanctioned Tournaments, Rankings, Social Media 

Ontario Basketball League

Tyler Harding
Manager, League Development
416-477-8075 ext. 211
Ontario Basketball League (OBL)

Rohan Prasaud
Coordinator, League Development
416-477-8075 ext. 201
Ontario Basketball League (OBL)




Technical Leadership

Agnes Borg
Women's Technical Lead 
Women's High Performance, Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS), Tall Player Project

Jason Dawkins
Men's Technical Lead
Men's High Performance, Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS)




Fair Play and Resolution
Commissioner: David Hurley

Ranking and Seeding Committee
Boys' Chair: Chris Barron
Girls' Chair: Elsa Donovan


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